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EventUpon has a proven method of delivering quality data. We aggregate events from thousands of sources in the United States and Canada. But getting the events is just the beginning. All events go through a process to make sure it’s ready to be published.The event sources include EventBrite, Meetup, RunSignUp, TicketLeap, and Picatic. We also pull from event calendars on Facebook, Google calendar, iCal, and many others. The events are all aggregated and go through a thorough processing.  See How it works.

EventUpon has a core competency in event data management. We have been improving our tools and process since 2008. We provide the event data that you want via an API so that you have complete control of the event data.

If you’ve tried to get event data from different sources, you know it’s hard to continually get the events. And it’s hard to keep them up to date when changes occur, which they often do. EventUpon takes care of all of that.

Events are in many categories from cutting edge technology to arts and culture. You can also find business, networking and educational workshops. We also have events in non-profit, civic and government. And let’s not forget about entertainment, sports, family and many, many more categories.

You can specify your own custom categorization instead of being dependent on what someone else thinks.

You will receive priority support, both technical and managerial, in setting up the API and every step of the way.

We have millions and millions of events each year but if we aren’t tracking an organization’s events that you need, just let us know.

Let EventUpon pull together an events feed that matches your requirements. We’ll get back to you by the next business day.

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