Event Attendees

Do you find it difficult to meet the right people and learn relevant information? Do you have limited time for event research and attendance? Never again worry about not being in the know! Get updated emails with recommendations from the region’s industry experts. Customize your profile to best suit your needs and interests. No more searching, only Discover, Learn, Connect!

There is no replacement for a face-to-face meeting. Professional events and networking are still the lifeblood of any business or technology ecosystem. At events you meet the people that matter, the people that can help you move your idea forward or introduce you to the people that can. Where are the events? What events should you attend? How do you effectively use your time at these events. What you need is a better professional networking tool! Let EventUpon help you Discover professional networking opportunities where you can Learn from and Connect with the right people face to face. EventUpon can help!

The Discovery Stream in EventUpon is a custom feed of events just for you. The events are chosen based on factors, such as, your Linkedin profile (if used for login), your answers to the EventUpon profile queries and your click through history on EventUpon. We use the latest in search and recommendation technologies to make your Discovery Stream an indispensable resource for you.

Get out and meet other professionals. Ideas are sparked in random ways. Go make something happen.

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