Community Calendars

Web-based information sources are siloed – too many web sites to keep track of and Google is not effective in finding events or professional orgs. Yet, the time and expense of monitoring multiple websites to acquire and categorize events makes it difficult for organizations to build a regional calendar. If your regional calendar depends on other organizations to add their own events, then it is difficult to get them to consistently submit their events. Stakeholders are inundated with information and opportunities

The EventUpon API provides dynamic content that will keep people coming to your site again and again to find out what’s new today, this week, next month. EventUpon keeps the community calendar database up to date with the most current and comprehensive listing of local professional events, so you don’t have to. The EventUpon Community Calendar includes events from the popular registration vendors, from Facebook calendars, from Google calendars, from iCal feeds and those important but isolated events hidden on stranded calendars are manually entered.

Quickly configure the EventUpon API. Your event page will automatically pull events on the topics and from the other organizations of most importance to your membership.

We provide both the technology and the data to get you up and running quickly.  It is easy to leverage the EventUpon comprehensive database of hyperlocal professional networking events for your advantage.  Drive more traffic to your site.  Provide more value to your users.  Be a community connector.

Our community calendars were designed with a mobile first philosophy, using the latest technologies and UX design patterns.

Setting up the EventUpon API for your site is a simple four step process.

  • First – Create a free EventUpon account
  • Second – Set your API settings to select which events you want pulled.  Choose by organizations or proximity.
  • Third – Decide what calendar to use: your own, EventUpon WordPress calendar or EventUpon web calendar.
  • Fourth – Press the button to generate the API token.

Pricing for events displayed in your instance of the EventUpon Community Calendar
To view pricing information, please view the EventUpon Pricing page.

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