How Does EventUpon Work?

EventUpon aggregates events from thousands of organizations.
It does the work and provides a custom feed for you.

EventUpon aggregates events from many sources big and small. Event information is used by many types of people, organizations and businesses which are described in the Solutions section. But before it can be used by anyone the event data has to go through many steps to become valuable event information.

The event data comes in as raw data which first gets checked for completeness. Every event is also checked to see that the event isn’t a duplicate. It’s also scanned for inappropriate events masquerading as worthwhile events. It’s then geo-coded, which is a fancy way of saying that the geo coordinates are determined so that we know exactly where the event is located. This way we can make sure that of the thousands of events we have, we present the events that are in the proximity desired.

It doesn’t stop there because many events change location, date or time, or description of the event. And some are cancelled. We check every day for updates so that the event data in EventUpon is as accurate as possible.

The EventUpon event data is now ready to be used. Organizations often have an event calendar made up events from many other organizations in their ‘community’, whatever they choose that to be, because event calendars drive engagement and increased user participation. But keeping an event calendar accurate is difficult and time-consuming. EventUpon can provide a custom feed with events from the organizations that you specify. You can get this feed in the way that is best for you. It can be provided through an API. All that means is that one line of code calling the EventUpon API will give you all of the events that you want. If your website is WordPress, you can use the EventUpon WordPress calendar. Or you can use another EventUpon calendar that will work on any type of website.

EventUpon also has some tools to help keep you aware of the events happening in your area.  A powerful component of EventUpon is the recommendation engine. There are just too many events for anyone to search through. EventUpon can’t know exactly what you are looking for but it can make intelligent suggestions based on numerous factors. The simplest one is LinkedIn. Some people don’t like the idea of sharing info. But if you choose to grant access, EventUpon scans your public profile for recurring topics in your professional career which the recommendation engine uses intelligently to suggest likely events that you may be interested in. Most importantly, the recommendation engine adjusts its suggestions based on your activity: the events you register for, share or save. It works pretty well but we are always trying to tweak it based on selections vs. suggestions.

EventUpon also provides subject matter experts who make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge. We call them curators. You can choose to follow curators and you’ll see their events displayed for you with a Curated for Me tag.

Once you find an event that you’re interested in, you have many options. You can register for the event. You can add it to your calendar. Or if you haven’t decided whether you want to attend the event, you can ask for a reminder and decide later. And you can share the event with colleagues and friends through email and social media tools.

To learn more about how you can use EventUpon check out the rest of the website.

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