About Us

It is not about the events.  It is about the connections that are made.

EventUpon is a Philadelphia region based company changing the way people discover face-to-face professional events. While events are the data that we aggregate, It is not about the events. It is about the connections that are made. The ideas that are learned, that are shared. The collaborations that begin. The new projects that are launched. The new businesses that are started. It is about your personal and professional growth.

Our History

EventUpon (formerly Basecamp Business) was founded in 2007 with the goal of improving the efficiency of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Greater Philadelphia region. The Business Calendar Network (BCN – the predecessor to the EventUpon Community Calendar) was first released in 2008 with the support of several regional economic development organizations, Select Greater Philadelphia, Ben Franklin Technology Partners Southeastern PA, University City Science Center, Delaware Economic Development Organization and the local venture capital associations now known as Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT).

In 2008 the founder of EventUpon and these organizations observed many great entrepreneurial support organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region, but none knew what the other groups were doing. There was event content overlap and event date conflicts almost every week. The need for a community calendar because obvious to all.

Over the past seven years the EventUpon team has gained a core competency of event data management, which includes such things as acquisition, categorization, cleaning the data and data completeness to improve the overall quality of the data

While the original service began in the Philadelphia region we began offering the technology of the community calendar and our data management expertise to other organizations around the US. Today individuals in all fifty states and in many countries make use of our offerings.

In 2012 we released the BCN mobile app for both iOS and Android and began thinking about upgrading the technology of the community calendar. It was becoming obvious that mobile was the prefered method to consume event discovery information. In 2013 and 2014 we continued to run the service while we researched our options.

In 2014 we embarked on a rebuild of the technology and a rebranding of the offering to EventUpon. We chose a mobile first design philosophy and also decided to reduce the number of features available to improve the user experience. We hope we got it right. Please let us know what you think by providing us Feedback on every feature.

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Core Values
  • Our Beliefs/Principles


EventUpon strives to promote greater interaction among people and greater sharing of ideas. We believe that this will improve peoples lives.


EventUpon envisions an accessible and efficient local professional ecosystem, which will allow for the personal growth of every individual.

Our Mission

EventUpon develops actionable tools for professionals and organizations, enabling them to better discover, learn and connect through face-to-face events.

The individual – EventUpon provides tools and data that can help you Discover professional networking opportunities where you can Learn from and Connect with the right people face to face to improve your professional live.

The industry thought leader/Curator- EventUpon provides tools that enable you to share your professional networking recommendations quickly and easily.

The Community Connector/Builder – help build more vibrant, connected and innovative community

The Event Organizer – EventUpon helps you promote your events and organizations so that you can get the right people in the seats and increase revenue/membership

The Corporate Business Developer –

The Media & Publisher –

The Sponsor – help sponsor find and cultivate the best relationships (i.e. ROI)

Core Values





Hard work

Think big

We are committed to help our local communities grow and flourish. To make a positive impact.

We will be a good partner in the ecosystem

Our Beliefs/Principles

We are social beings, relationships matter

We are innately curious

Data should be accessible

Face to face human interaction increases the odds of innovation

Innovation happens at the intersection of subject matter domains

Collaboration is critical to create and maintain a vibrant ecosystem

The world is a better place when people subscribe to the attitude of – More We, Less Me

Community collaboration tools are the infrastructure that will propel cities and communities to prosper in the 21st century


Full of Patterns and Insights – A Stronger Regional Economy

After six plus years of event aggregation, the EventUpon database is full of patterns and insights that are changing the way people attend and host events. Similar to how Moneyball changed the way General Managers build a clubhouse in Major League Baseball, so too can Marketing Managers take inventory of their resources, find the right partners and build a valuable events calendar.

But what is most important is how such applications of data affects the attendee. By leveraging existing social networks like LinkedIn and combining that information with user preferences and market trends, EventUpon recommendations can increase the likelihood that an attendees will gain value from events they attend.

With more organizations hosting quality events and more attendees finding the right events, we expect stronger financial returns for all parties and thus a stronger and more dynamic regional economy.

Convening the Conveners – How does our work relate to our activities…

Our belief in the power of collaborative events is more than just theory. We put it into action every quarter by bringing together industry leaders from all sectors, like the sciences, finance, media, healthcare and others. Our Convening the Conveners program is designed to share insights and foster intentional partnerships that allow sponsors, content providers and community leaders to leverage the best of each other. It also offers us a chance to get real time feedback to inform our recommendation engines and better serve event hosts and attendees.

To learn more or how you can start a chapter in your area, give us a call.