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Zumi competition @ UC San Diego

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Nov 09 8:30AM - 2:00PM

Robolink is hosting its first Zumi competition this November 9th, and youre invited to compete! Program your Zumi to pick up passengers and drop them off at designated locations for points. Participants can earn extra points by obeying stop signs, not crashing into any walls or objects, or honking to alert the passenger that they have arrived. Everyone will get two attempts for the known routes, and afinalbonus round where the pickup and drop off locations will be revealed before their run! All of the Zumis must be driving autonomously (no remote control allowed) and no modifications can be made to the robot.

Date and time:Saturday, November 9 8:30am - 2pm
Location:Henry Booker Room, Jacobs Hall, UCSD

Be prepared to think like a self-driving car programmer and a...rideshare driver?!

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