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ZION NP + Bryce Canyon NP: Angels Landing/The Narrows CAMPING Hiking

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Oct 12 6:00PM - 2:00PM

You can do this as a 4 day, 3 night trip (if u can get Friday off) or a 3 day/2 night trip (if you can't). Keep will all be explained.

This is a BUCKET LIST trip: The Angel's Landing hike is amazing!
And hiking The Narrows just might change your life!

Most attendees on past trips are in the 25-40 age range.

Maybe you've seen the Utah Travel TV commercials for the "Mighty Five" Utah National Parks. Well, don't just live your life on TV. We're going to two of those five parks - Zion and Bryce Canyon. So clear your schedule, take Friday off (ok, that's optional: keep reading) and come join us for a weekend of camping, hiking and adventure.

I went to Zion for the first time last year; like Yosemite, it has that special, old school National Park atmosphere. You know you're in a special place. And Bryce Canyon is right next door; it's totally different - full of bizarre golden rock formations -- you might even think it's more amazing.

This is going to be an ambitious trip -- we're doing a lot -- but I'm making sure there's also time to just hang out by the campfire. We're doing both of Zion's most iconic hikes. When you see Angel's Landing (photos above & below), you'll be amazed that you can do it. And your friends will be like, "What the went there?" And we're exploring the Narrows -- the legendary slot canyon.

Yes, we're going there!

THE PLAN:We have a beautiful group campsite in Zion Park for 3 nights Thursday-Sunday (nights of October 12, 13, 14). I REALLY recommend you take Friday off. so you can leave on Thursday evening/Friday morning, but if you can't -- I've set up the trip so you can still enjoy the best of Zion. Our featured hike, Angels Landing, will be on Saturday so everyone can go. I'm sure there will be groups of people leaving on both days, there will be a carpool app to help you coordinate the drive.

FRIDAY:Bryce Canyon Park is right next door to Zion but it's a totally different kind of beauty. There is no other place like Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos (odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion) can be found on every continent, but Bryce has the largest collection of hoodoos in the world! After our hike, we'll watch the sunset over Bryce Canyon and will return to camp and stay up late, hang around the campfire and get to know each other.

SATURDAY:We're doing Angels Landing; one of the most famous and thrilling hikes in the national park system. Zion's iconic hike runs along a narrow rock fin with dizzying drop-offs on both sides. The trail culminates at a lofty perch, boasting magnificent views of the river and canyon below. You might assume that this narrow ridge with deep chasms on each side would allure only hardcore climbers. But thanks to a really well engineered trail, utilizing a series of railings and chains, tens of thousands of everyday hikers conquer this every year and find themselves standing at the top of this towering monolith. If you're scared of heights, Angel's Landing might not be for you (or maybe its an opportunity to overcome it). But you will have the option of stopping at Scout's Lookout, which is the point on the hike right before the going starts getting well...interesting.

SUNDAY: The Narrows is probably the most legendary canyon hike in the country. Here, the majestic walls of Zion Canyon close in to form a tall and narrow slot canyon with beautiful dark corners and the Virgin River flowing around you. With shafts of sunlight reflecting off the water and the golden walls around you, this is the slot canyon that all other slot canyons are compared to. You will be walking thru water for much of the hike, but water levels should be very low this time of year. The plan is to get up really early for our 5 mile RT journey into the Narrows. Hike is dependent on weather and water conditions, which will be closely monitored. Don't want to do the Narrows? There are other hikes in the canyon to explore.

When night falls, we'll eat and drink, and hang around the campfire. Maybe play some games, tell stories, get to know each other. For some, this is their favorite part of the trip.

GETTING THERE:Depending on where you leave from, Zion is a 6-7 hour drive from L.A.. Drive straight there, or go 4 hours to Vegas, get a cheap hotel room the first night -- then it's an easy 3 hours to Zion the next morning. Carpooling will be required - you can coordinate your carpool thru a carpool tool I link to.) Everyone carpooling will split gas cost and you'll also split the $30 park entrance fees (though a lot of people have the Parks Pass, which makes the entrance free.)

WEATHER:I know what you're thinking: Zion in October? How's the weather - will it be sort of cold? Well, Zion stays surprisingly warm with expected temps around 75 high and 54 low. To me, that's much better than going in the crazy hot Summer. Plus it's way less crowded. (And our campground seems to always be a little warmer than what the forecasts say.) But obviously I can't guarantee the weather -- it's nature at work.

I want to make sure you're prepared will be ready to go. So once you RSVP I'll email you a short survey/questions which you need to return to me (So don't forget to give me your email address when you RSVP.) And you won't officially be on the trip until you're confirmed and pay.

All attendees need to RSVP separately.
Event is crossposted on different Meetup groups so the RSVP's you see here show you an incomplete picture of who is going.

Cost for the trip is $95 per person.

Never camped before?Don't worry, this is car-camping -- it's civilized. The campground has real bathrooms with running water. In fact, our campground has recently been totally renovated -- it's the nicest National Park campground I've ever been to. You should have basic gear for car camping -- sleeping bag, pad, flashlight/headlamp, the right clothes and shoes, etc. If you don't have a tent, don't worry, we always end up having more tents than we need, so you can find space in someone's tent. Drinking cups, plates and utensils will be supplied. There will be hot water in the morning for coffee and 3 gas stoves for cooking. You supply your own food. Campsite hasa grill for BBQing. The town of Springdale is only 1 mile from the campground (you can even walk there) and it has restaurants, bars, stores, and showers.

And remember, as always, No Dogs, No Kids and No Bad Attitudes.

On the way to Angels Landing. (above)

Bryce Canyon

Here's some photos of the last 2 trips we did, Yosemite in July and Sequoia for Labor Day. Join the fun.

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