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You & Your TrailDog: Engagment and Motivation

Boise Hiking with Dogs
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Dec 02 9:00AM - 10:15AM

You and Your Trail Dog Session: Engagement & Motivation

WHO: Pine Irwin; Pine is a professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist

WHERE: Sycamore Park , 12275 W. Braddock Dr. Boise, ID

WHEN: Saturday December 2nd 2017, 9am to 10am. WHAT: An hour long class addressing issues of engagement and motivation. We will be covering ways to create an actively engaged dog during training sessions, and on the trail. As well as discussing and learning ways to motivate a dog.

WHY: We often hear the terms engagement and motivation when it comes to dog training, but rarely is it explains or demonstrated as to what it means. The purpose of this class is to address over call concepts, but also individual concerns in helping you achieve a more engaged and motivated dog for training and trail behaviors. We will help you learn to motivate the dog to learn behaviors beyond sit and create an atmosphere of learning that encourages your dogs to be an active and (all important word) engaged participant.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Attendance is limited to 10 people (and 10 dogs one dog per person signed up.) And requires all attendees to prepay the $20 fee. While we know spouses might like to come and watch, and children, we ask that they remain respectful during the process and try to avoid disrupting people as the class is going on. WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a 6 foot leash (no flexi leads!) and whatever training tools you might currently be using. While we will be using positive reinforcement techniques they will work with current training aids (haltis, prong collars, harnesses etc.) We ask that you bring high value treat rewards for your dog to help them learn to associate new stimuli with pleasant things (snacks are good, there for new things are good.) Something that is very appealing to your dog. Some examples of high value treats are Zuke's Training Rewards (a personal favorite given their low calorie content and hypoallergenic nature.) These are available at most pet food retailers (think Zamzows, PetSmart, PetCo, H3 in Meridian etc.) Another example would be small cubes of cheese, the smaller the better. And a hot dog that has been cut up (please note one hot dog should be equal to 50 or more rewards, think SMALL to help cut calories and make our stores last longer.) Please also bring your dogs favorite toy(s). The toys will be used to help demonstrate ways to motivate your dog that doesn't involve food. A favorite ball (or balls), stuffed toys, squeaky toys etc. If your dog's favorite toy is an old dirty sock; please bring that! Please provide a crate or car where you can safely stow your dog at the beginning of class to go over basic concepts.

Please note that this is early December, and we will be outside. We will be holding class no matter the weather. So come prepared with layers and appropriate outer wear!

Questions? Please feel free to message Pine for further clarification, or post your comments in the comment section of this event. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="

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