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Yoga at Life & Honey

Life & Honey Event Coordinator
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Sep 16 7:00AM - 8:00AM

Life & Honey

We will be hosting Complimentary Yoga Classes the 2nd Saturday of every month 7-7:45 am. We hope you join us for this COMPLIMENTARY Yoga & Physical Assessment on September 16. Great way to meet new people and share a fun and relaxing class with your family and friends.


Join us at Life & Honey for a FREE Yoga Class and Physical Therapy Assessment before we open. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT.

Yoga Love with Amy

During my 45 minute mini class I will guide students through a basic Vinyasa style yoga class. While in deep relaxation students will be guided through a series of poses while allowing their breath to guide them. During this class we will stretch hamstrings, hip flexors and other various muscle groups that are normally tight from day-to-day activities (long commutes, sitting at a desk all day, running etc.). We will also access inner strength and grace throughout this 45 min practice. Alignment is one of the key aspects to getting the most benefit out of each pose and to maintain and protect the body from injury, so I will be walking around the room to help guide, support, and offer modification for anyone who may need it. We must always practice self-love and listen to our bodies. This class is for anyone, from someone who has never done yoga, to those that are experienced at any level. Yoga is for everyone and anyone can do it. At the end of our 45 minutes together it is my hope that you leave feeling relaxed, lighter then when you came in, but also strong.

Amelia is an orthopedic and womens health physical therapist with a holistic, nontraditional approach to treatment. She enjoys working with motivated patients with a multitude of diagnoses, from but not limited to, low back pain, sports injuries, to peripartum pain and dysfunction. She is an expert at assessing the entire bodys mechanics in order to truly resolve dysfunction. She prides herself in empowering others to love, value, and appreciate themselves by achieving wellness in mind, body and spirit. She values family and is completely in love with her husband and two young daughters.

She will be providing free mini assessments at Life & Honey on Saturday, September 16, 2017 beginning at 8 am.

Would you like to book your own event or offer free classes at Life & Honey? Email us at

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