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Sunrise Writers Meetup
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Jun 17 7:00AM - 9:00AM

For those that are serious about writing and the path of publishing, Sunrise Writers provides a twice monthly opportunity to engage with other writers and get a critical and thoughtful voice for your work. If you write and enjoy being around others who are obsessed/possessed by words, this is the group for you. We're poets, fantasy writers, bloggers, ghost writers and everything in between. We're all on a mission to create and inspire. Some are published, some are not, some write for a living, some are just starting down the journey of being a writer.

We meet twice a month, usually at the same location, on a Saturday around 7am at Brookfields off of Sunrise and Highway 50.

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If you plan to attend, you have one of two options:

1. IN-DEPTH CRITIQUE: If you would like a more in-depth critique of your work, please send your work to me ([masked]) at least one week before the Meetup (in this case, by May 12 at the latest). I will then send that work to the rest of the group. For now, please send no more then ten manuscript-format pages (double-spaced, 1" margins, 12pt Times or Courier font). Those participating in this approach (and the others, if they desire), will read your work in advance and prepare their comments in advance. On the Meetup morning, we will NOT read your work aloud and will skip straight to the discussion. If you submit a work to this in-depth critique approach, you are expected to also provide an in-depth critique to the others doing the same. If you are not taking this approach, you are not required to read the submissions in advance (however, it's totally up to you).

2. INITIAL EXPOSURE READ & DISCUSS: This is the approach we have been taking. For the Workshop Morning, please bring a work you'd like to have work-shopped--maximum of four manuscript-format pages (double-spaced, 1" margins, 12pt Times or Courier font). Bring enough copies to hand out to everyone (ten people maximum). We'll read your work aloud and then we'll all discuss and critique it briefly afterwards, trying to maintain a focus on what you're attempting to achieve and on specific ways you can improve the piece.

These are both different approaches and provide a different benefit to the writer. As we want to help our writers at their current stage in their writing projects, we're experimenting with providing both. Neither approach is ultimately better than the other--their benefit rests entirely on what you as a writer are needing from us for your project at the moment.

How to find us:Brookfields off of Highway 50 --

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