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Workshop: Google AIY Vision Kit

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robotics
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 11:00AM

WORKSHOP: Google AIY Vision Kit

At our last meetup, a secret society within our ranks scheduled a Google AIY Vision Kit workshop for this past Saturday. Haha!... I wasn't aware of this until I arrived at the Robotics Club meetup to see several members packing up their AIY kits. When asked what was going on, they informed me that at the prior meetup, they agreed to meet and work out issues they were having with the kit.

Weeeeeeell, it appears that they (we) are going to do it again! :)

In addition to the formal meet at 11:00 am this Saturday, Feb. 10th, we will also have a Google AIY Vision Kit workshop at 9:00 am.

WHAT IS THE Google AIY Vision KIT?

It is Google's current maker solution that is "a smart camera kit you can build using a Pi Zero W, Pi Camera Module, and a powerful AI board called the Vision Bonnet." In short, it is an inexpensive kit that contains a powerful AI chip for image processing and object recognition. Great for adding object recognition and other AI image tasks to Pi Zero W-based projects... such as our robots!

We have developed a deep learning inference acceleration engine that were running on the chip, explains Kai Yick from the AIY Projects team. Its 60 times faster than trying to do it on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Get that?!?!? SIXTY TIMES FASTER than trying to do the same processing on a Raspberry Pi 3 alone! Truly a powerful processor for adding cool AI capabilities to the edge of processing.

Read all about it here:


* You DON'T have to have the kit to participate. Please come for the fun and knowledge sharing and also if you plan on getting a kit sometime in the future!

-- $44.99 - AIY Vision Kit
-- $10.00 - Raspberry Pi Zero W
-- $ 1.99 - Header Pins for Raspberry Pi Zero W
-- $24.99 - Raspberry Pi Camera V2
-- $ 6.49 - 8G (or more) Micro SD Card


Micro Center
5305 South Rice Avenue
Houston, TX 77081
Mon - Sat 10 to 9, Sun 11 to 6

*** When I was there on Tuesday, there were only TWO MORE AIY Vision Kits in stock. I was told by an employee that they were expecting an order of 400 in on Wednesday or Friday. You can call the number above on those days to see if the stock has arrived. ***


At 11:00 AM, we will conduct our formally scheduled AI for Robotics and IoT meetup:

How to find us:We'll meet in the conference room to the left, just off the main entrance of the building.

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