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Workout Hike in Trexler Preserve - Allentown & Bethlehem Area (3-4,C,9+/-)

Allentown Hiking Club Meetup Group
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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 12 5:45PM - 8:45PM

Come join us for a great midweek workout hike in a wonderful park, with some amazing views & a great company of fellow hikers. This will be a workout hike, so be expected to hike at above a 3 mph average pace. Please plan to get to the meeting location a couple minutes early, as well be starting promptly on time.

This is a rain or shine hike. However, if its calling for lightening, or theres a scheduling conflict, Ill cancel it by noon of that day. Please double check at lunch, on the day of the event.

The plan is to go as a fast as possible, staying together as a group, getting in as many miles as possible before sunset. In the past weve primarily stuck to the red boarder trail for our hikes. Going forward, Im going to try to mix it up a bit more so its still fun & interesting for the regulars.

As the sun is setting earlier and earlier, its a good idea to bring a headlamp in case we have to do those last couple of miles in the dark. Please note, only a RED-LIGHT HEADLAMP is allowed. Sorry, white-light headlamps are not permitted on this hike. Below is a link to a cheap red-light only head lamp. This is NOT an endorsement of this product. Its just an example of where you can conveniently get one if you need to at the last second.

Hike Rating: (3-4,C,9+/-)

Difficulty: Moderate (distance) to Adventurous (speed)

Pace: 3.0 to 4.0 mph Average (Fast to Very Fast)

Distance: 9 +/- miles

Terrain / Elevation: C: Hiking trails/gentle rolling hills

Required Equipment & Gear:

Boots or Shoes w/ good traction, red-light only headlamp, and plenty of Water is a must. Depending on the weather, the trails could be muddy or wet. Please have proper footwear.

The weather is changing regularly on us. Try to limit the cotton you are wearing. Quick Dry or 100% Wool are the best materials to be using. Cotton retains water, and makes for miserable hikers.

Using Hiking Poles on a hike is always a good idea. Especially on longer hikes when youre often doing a lot of hills or youre hiking at night. But to use Hiking Poles properly, one needs to use them so often that it becomes muscle memory. This way, when youre tired & accidentally trip, youre able to catch yourself without thinking twice. A workout hike is a perfect time to be using them.


Dogs are welcomed on this hike, but must be on a lease (park rules). The dogs must be able to maintain a 3-4 mph pace. Its advisable they have a low powered red light on their collar so the other hikers can see them in the dark (again, no white lights). If you are bringing a dog, please let the other hikers know in the comments section of Meetup in case other hikers have severe allergies.

After Hike Options

If anyone is interested, after the hike, well stop by the below place. It has a horrible name, but is a nice place to grab a beer, & good food. Theyre usually doing some type of fun event when we stop in. Depending on the night they could have; a live band, or trivia night, or open mic night, etc. Plus theres always a beer or two on special.

Leather Corner Post Hotel

6855 Horseshoe Rd, Orefield, PA 18069




By attending this hike, you are agreeing that you are responsible for your own safety at all times. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any damages, accidents, or liabilities incurred while hiking with us.

Safety First. So We Can Have Fun!

As always, I want to make Having Fun a number one priority of my hikes. To do that means we need to be safe. Thus, I plan to lead my hikes with Safety as an upmost concern. We will keep the group together, and leave no one behind. I definitely want us to have a workout on our hikes, but there should always be a focus of having a fun, enjoyable, safe, social, yet drama free environment!

I look forward to seeing you on the trail!!!!


Note: The below recommendations are ONLY the personal opinions of this hike leader, and does NOT represent an opinion, nor an endorsement, of the AHC group overall.

Energizer 200-Lumen LED Headlamp Battery Flashlight


Hike Ratings:

Hike ratings consists of 3 elements: PACE TERRAIN MILEAGE (example: 3-4 C 9+/-)

1. Leisurely (nature walk)
2. Moderate (steady, comfortable pace)
3. Brisk (firm pace)
4. Fast to Very Fast
A. Solid pavement/sidewalk
B. Soft ground/sand/carriage trails
C. Hiking trails/gentle rolling hills
D. Steep hills, scrambles possible
E. Rough terrain/exposure and/or thick brush possible
F. Extremely difficult terrain/possible sustained exposure
Mileage - Estimated mileage, plus or minus 1 mile.

Important Notes

The leader may modify or cancel a hike due to weather, trail conditions, or any other reason deemed prudent for the safety of the group.

Rating codes are intended as a general guide only. We strive for accuracy and consistency, but cannot guarantee them.

How to find us:Dont worry no one else is signed up. There will always be a couple of us, & I try to ensure theres a healthy balance of people. I recognize no one wants to show up & be the only guy, or only woman

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