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Working Women of Faith-East

Tenaya T.J. Tison
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 09 5:30PM - 7:00PM

Are you a woman of faith in the workplace? Do you struggle to connect with other women who face the same challenges you do? Do you want to know God's purpose and plan for you in your work and life? Then a Working Women of Faith group may be for you. Whether you work for a company, or own your own, there's a way to do work that honors God while bringing you fulfillment. Working Women of Faith is here to help.


  • Connect:Connectwithlikemindedwomenwhofacethesamestrugglesyoudo,findwomeninyourareatomeetup withandsupport.
  • Learn:Getresourcestoapplyyourfaithtoeveryareaofyourlife,especiallyyourworkplacecalling.
  • Support:GetsupportandadvicefornavigatingtheminefieldoftheworklifedailyjourneyinawaythathonorsGod.
  • Live:LiveoutGodsspecificpurposeforyouandexperiencetheabundantlifeHelongsforyoutolive.

Groups meet monthly at four locations throughout the Twin Cities. Check out a group in your area for free.

Memberships include: meetings, access to the exclusive online community with continued encouragement, valuable resources, and a subscription to Right Now Media @ Work. Memberships start as low as $20/month.

Check out Working Women of Faith EAST for free to see if this group is right for you.

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