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Women Who Dare To Desire Conference

Debora Luzi
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Jan 31 9:30AM - 6:00PM

I am so excited to bring to you the first Women who Dare to Desire conference in London where you will have the chance to hear some of the most motivating and inspiring stories of women like you, who fought for their desires and broke through fears and conditioning to reach for their dreams.

It is time to celebrate these women and bring them all together in one stage, without looking at how well known they are, how many followers they have, but simply looking and feeling their heart.

The conference is focused on inspiring you to connect to your deepest desires and motivate you to follow them.

The whole day is an opportunity to uplift and honor each other, to get inspired, to create new projects, to network with other beautiful like-minded women.

You will dance, sing, honor your desires and collectively heal the wounds that stop you from following your dreams.

And if you would like to speak here are two different ways;

You can purchase one of the speaker tickets or asked to be put in a prize draw, when you buy a general ticket, for the chance to speak for three minutes.

Do you have a story to share that can inspire many other women?

Would you like to share your story, but you feel that no one will listen as nobody knows you, because the big stages are only for the women with a big following and big names?

Is your desire to share this story, and show up to the world stage, bigger than your fears?


I am Debora, a passionate entrepreneur, and mother of three gorgeous boys, with a huge desire to inspire and motivate the world just like you.

After receiving many " no" to appear on other people stages, realizing that I had to invest so much to be on those big stages and realizing that my small following would have got me nowhere, I sat down that night, crying after receiving another " no".

I have a big trust in the universe and I knew that this " no" was different than the others, I knew this " no" would inspire me to create my own stage to offer any woman out there who struggled like me to be heard.

On Thursday 4th of July 2019, the idea of the " Women who dare to desire conference" was born.

The idea behind this project is to create an open stage for women all over the world who have a story to share, who wants to motivate and inspire others, even if nobody knows them yet, even if they have 0 followings, even if they have zero confidence to do it.

I create the stage, you just need to show up.

There will be 15 places for speakers with each a 7 minutes slot.

5 Slots for a panel.

Everyone who buy a general admission ticket and would like to speak, they will be put into a prize draw and 3 people will have the chance to speak for 3 minutes.

There will be no pitches at the event and no one of the speakers will pitch anything during their time slot.

I will personally interview all the applicants and I will do my absolute best to accommodate every single one of you that apply to speak.

The good news is...

You will not need to undergo speaking training.

I will not check your tone of voice or your pose.

I will simply ask you to connect to your heart and then the stage is YOURS, daring woman.

During the course of the day, we will have fun activities, activities to help you connect to your INNER SELF at a deeper level and activities to help you verbalize your DESIRES, express them, play with them and share them with others beautiful visionaries women like you.

There will be singing and dancing and beautiful performance.

We will also go through a desire meditation and experience collective healing.

I am so excited to have you there with us, either sharing the stage or simply taking part and shine your light.

I believe in you!

It is my biggest wish for you to start following your desires.

It might start here, at this exact moment, with a decision to attend the conference.

I so look forward to meeting you, seeing you, hugging you ( I am a great hugger) and listen to you.

With much daring love to you,

Your daring host,

Debora Luzi

10% of the profits will be donated to a women charity. TBC which one.

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