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Wing Chun Gung Fu

Chens Wing Chun Gung Fu Class (Adults Only)
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May 12 7:00AM - 8:30AM


More than just fighting... Wing Chun is an advanced and effective fighting system. Basic concepts include simplicity, directness, economy of motion, and avoiding the use of excessive muscle. These concepts can be used by a person of any size or gender and are uniquely tailored to each individual based on their own physical structure. Beneath the surface, Wing Chun is an incredibly beautiful martial art. Aside from the advantages it provides in close quarter combat, it can also be applied to daily life. Wing Chun allows one to develop self control, discipline, humility, balance and ability to adapt to different forces in life. Confidence is developed over time as a Wing Chun student unlocks gifts and talents that are buried deep within. Training is in a safe and controlled environment. Real self defense and survival skills are developed over time with an emphasis on smooth and controlled movements, speed and power.

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Martial Arts Experience: 18 years (Tang Soo Do and Wing Chun) with ongoing education and
training with my Sifu (teacher), Si-Suk (uncle) and Si-Gung (my sifus teacher).
Gung Fu Lineage: Ip Man > Ho Kam Ming > Augustine Fong > Lee Keener > Eric Chen

Comfortable shoes with adequate ankle support and comfortable clothes suitable for physical activity. New members will be required to complete a Liability Release / Waiver Form and a member profile sheet prior to class participation. Please be sure to consult with your physician prior to engaging in any martial arts activity.

I focus on teaching my students to be able to control themselves. Only by controlling yourself can you control others. Truth be told, this will be a long term goal in your development in Wing Chun. I can imagine how vague that might seem, but youll get a glimpse of what I mean in class. In the beginning, you will be learning how to do things on your own, without a partner, or what I like to call Single person development. You will also be reprogramming the way you think and move in martial movement to a more natural state for your body. After this we will get more hands on in a controlled manner through developmental drills with partners or with your Sifu (teacher /me).

Some may expect kicking of bags, throwing partners on the ground, sparring, acrobatics and a lot of screaming. While we will eventually have some good workouts, these kind of things are not part of my curriculum. Make no mistake that you will be developing real life skills And i will explain more in our first class. The proper way to learn Wing Chun is similar to how we as humans learn to read and write; a student needs to learn the alphabet first, then they will form sentences, which eventually turns into paragraphs and essays which are unique to the student as she begins to express herself. Without this, people develop a false sense of confidence in their abilities, and may even injure themselves or others in the process.

A great teacher is also a great student. I look forward to learning from you as much as you will from me. Respectfully, Eric

How to find us:Meet at the benches close to Erringer Road. Park in the parking lot closest to Erringer Rd

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