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Welcome to the Boston IAM User Group Meeting!

Boston IAM User Group
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Oct 12 3:00PM - 6:00PM

We are pleased to announce the next Boston IAM User Group Meetup!Please join us for food, drinks and technical content. Networking, best practices and an open exchange of ideas between IAM professionals is the only agenda.

Come prepared to discuss ideas and find out best practices from some of the leaders in the IAM community. Most importantly,Please recommend this event to your IAM friends and colleagues!

After introductory networking, the agenda for the meeting will include speakers:

Todd Clayton, President, CoreBlox, LLC

Todd is a co-founder of CoreBlox and is responsible for strategy, product vision and executive partnerships.Todd has 20 years of experience working with companies to define their Identity programs and executeon their vision. With this wealth of experience, Todd has become a respected thought leader in the Identity community and works closely with the technology development teams ofthe those companiesdefining the standards of the next generation of Identity Platforms.

Virtualizing and Consolidating Identity to Support Identity Platforms for Business Growth and Expansion.


New user populations are piling up, and todays enterprisesneed to extend the scope of their applications to authenticate everyonenot just employeesat the speed ofnow.But this sort of agility is impossible when user identities are stored in a mix of scattered databases and directories. Learn how a Fortune 1000 Bank deployeda centralized identity service based on virtualizationand a federated architectureto support their CA Security infrastructure. Discoverhow even with multiple databases and directories involved, they could achievefaster authentication, enhance policy flexibility, and strengthen securitywithSSO, Identity Manager and Multi-factor Authentication all without disrupting their existing identity environment.

Matt Carter, Services Consultant, Axiomatics

Matt Carter, a native of Boston, has worked in access control in a multiplicity of roles and companies after serving in the US Air Force. Most recently, Matt developed a prototype for a cloud policy decision service while working with professional services. At Axiomatics, Matt developed knowledge working on integrations with SailPoint, PingAccess and SalesForce APEX. Matt was responsible for the building and the listing of the Amazon Machine Image for Axiomatics Policy Server (APS). Currently, Matt is responsible for the delivery to Axiomatics customers in the US Intel Community. Matt does take part regularly in speaking engagements and is a blogger for Axiomatics; including Cloud Identity Summit and NLIT(National Labs Information Technology).

Interesting tidbits: Matt has run with the Bulls in Pamplonaand has flown in the back seat of an F-15!

The Externalized Dynamic Authorization in a MicroServices World:

-Benefits of High Cohesion of Policy Enforcement with API Gateway outweigh the tighter coupling of Smart Endpoint Dumb Pipe

-How to Enforce Authorization on the response leg to incorporate characteristics of the resources being protected

- How to Utilize scopes only for what they were intended: delegated consent

-Filtering data at the Policy Enforcement Point may require additional conventions or standards

-Deploying authorization services as a microservice fits better with a broader microservices strategy

We will also have an open discussion forum for our members to discuss and exchange IAM challenges and ideas.

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