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GTA Photography Classes
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Nov 30 10:00AM - 12:30PM


We Offer 10-WEEK Kids Camps (age 8-12) and Teen Camps (13-17) in Fall & Winter!

Kids Camp 1

Our Kids Camp is a unique program like no other in the country! It introduces campers to their cameras and the fun things they can do with them. Hands-on photography and field trips come together to give campers a unique learning environment where they get to explore both the creative and technical side to image making.

Kids Camp 2

Kids Camp 2 allows campers to take the foundational knowledge from Kids Camp 1 and apply it to more advanced and technical projects. Creative exploration through artistic and one-of-a-kind activities is a big focus for this camp. Campers will be able to learn, and experiment, with black & white images, pet photography and silhouettes. Theyll even have a chance to create their own memes!

Teen Camp 1 *Every Wednesday or Saturday

Campers learn to shoot in full manual mode so that they can artistically and confidently capture the world around them. Daily field trips to many great Toronto locations encourage campers to practice the skills and techniques they learn! Creative photo activities allow campers to have fun expanding their imaginations and a hands-on studio session gives them a taste of what a professional photo shoot looks like.

Teen Camp 2

The focus for Teen Camp 2 is to take campers skills to the next level of ultimate creativity by focusing on experimental photography techniques. Painting with light, projection art, and bokeh are just some of the techniques explored!

Photo Editing (age 1317)

The world of editing can take your great images to the next level! This completely practical camp will introduce teens to both two industry leading photography editing software: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Each program will cover all the key tools and creative adjustments so campers can retouch, restore and manipulate photos. Campers will shoot and edit their own images individually and in group settings.

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Accredited by the Ontario Camps Association.

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