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Web Stats and Revenue Growth Houston EB

Zarlun Institute
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Nov 30 6:00PM - 7:00PM is recommended by the Boston Globe.

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Course Description:
  • Digital Contextual Engagement
  • Digital Monitoring for growth and assessment
  • Taking each effort to the next level for brand development
  • Analytical tools to review and leverage your effort and costs
  • Understanding your website statistics to help you grow your revenue.
  • Engagement and analyzing your audience and behavior to help you catapult conversions (sales).

This class is for anyone who wants to review their online marketing in line with return on investment (ROI).
This class will help you focus on the bottom line and review:
1. Is my effort paying off?
2. Am I capitalizing on the money that I am spending for my website or online marketing?
3. Am I attracting and retaining the right audience?
4. Which web pages are working and whicharen't?
5. Do I need to add more content?
6. Do I need to adjust my keywords?
7. Are my marketing dollars going to the correct venues?
8. Did I leave money on the table by not utilizing all my efforts to capture my audience?
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