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Water Canyon 3BIII - (Hildale, Utah)

Las Vegas Canyoneering Meetup Group
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Endorsed by Curators:
Jul 15 5:00AM - 6:00AM

- RSVP will be delayed until Monday 7/3 at 6pm to give everyone an equal chance of getting on.

- BEGINNERS (have done at least one canyon) are welcome.


Water Canyon is one of my favorites and it's practically guaranteed to please canyoneers of all levels! There is of course water in the canyon to include potential swimmers. The canyon is fairly exposed to sun and the temps are in the 100's so a wet suit probably isn't required.

It's about a two and a half hour drive one way and an 8-10 hour canyon so plan for a LONG day.

We'll meet on the third floor of the Cannery parking garage at 5 am.


TIME: 8-10hrs

DISTANCE: 4.3m; 0.7m technical


Make sure tocheck the weather. Be prepared!

Basik Skills Required:

The ability to rappel a single strand rope.The ability to rig a rappel device to provide appropriate friction.The ability to lock off mid rappel.The ability to climb, handline and down-climb rock.The ability to provide a bottom belay (fireman belay, military belay)

Please come prepared with the following REQUIRED gear:

Helmet,Harness,Rappel Device,Extra CarabinersSafety Tether,Appropriate Footwear,Weather Appropriate Clothing,2-3 liters of Water, lunch/snacks,Dry Clothes for the drive home

Also bring a backpack for your gear and gloves if you prefer to rappel with them. If you have a rope please bring it. Please bring webbing and rapids for possible anchor building.

Meetup Etiquette and Attendee Responsibilities:
Canyoneering is a group activity. All participants are expected to contribute in a meaningful way. This may include:

Carrying rope and other equipment.Offering to bring your own ropes to minimize the wear & tear on organizer ropes.Providing basic equipment such as webbing or rapid links.Providing vehicle shuttles when needed.Offer to reimburse event drivers for gas and wear & tear on their vehicles.

When doing a canyon:

Each rappeller should offer the next person down a fireman's belay.At difficult down/up climbs, offer to spot or assist the next person. Do not simply continue on to the next obstacle.

Safety comes first. No canyoneer should ever feel self conscious about asking for assistance.


Acknowledgement of Risk
Canyoneering and other adventure sports are fun, but are not without risk. You are responsible for your own safety and staying within your own comfort limits. All practice and canyon events are unguided events. By participating in a Canyoneering event, you acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility for your own safety.

Canyoneering Meetups are organized to provide a venue for canyoneers to meet, have fun and practice existing skills. The Las Vegas Canyoneering Meeup Group does not assess the technical and/or safety skills of participants, nor does it assess any canyon to determine current conditions. You acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility to (a) assess your own skills, honestly and accurately, to determine your suitability as a participant for each canyon, (b) seek adequate information to assess the difficulty of each canyon and to determine if it is within your skill level, (c) seek adequate information about the current conditions in each canyon and the weather to assess potential risks prior to entering the canyon, and (d) evaluate your prospective partners and to use your own judgment to determine their suitability as partners.

All participants are encouraged to:
(1) honestly assess their skills to ensure each canyon is within your ability, (2) assess your prospective canyon partners, (3) accept responsibility for your own safety and comfort, (4) do your share of the work, carry your share of group gear, (5) share your ideas for problem solving and rope work, (6) speak up if you're having a problem, (7) speak up if you question what's going on or something that is being done, no matter who's doing it, (8) bring, or make arrangements for all of the gear on the gear list, (9) wear a helmet and (10) have fun.

How to find us:3rd floor of the parking garage. Red Jeep 702-358-3696

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