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Anastasia Kaufman, REMAX, and Ann Sabbagh, SEACOAST MORTGAGE and Glenn Andreonni Law Office, Inc.
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 12:00PM


To our clients,

We want to thank you all for the business and referrals that youve given us over the past year. We consider ourselves very blessed and we look forward to continuing to provide for your real estate needs. To show you our appreciation we would like to invite you to take a day off and join us for our VIP Movie Event! No strings, just come out and have a great time on us.

See further details below & be sure to check back for updates!


Anastasia Kaufman of REMAX, Ann Sabbagh of Seacoast Mortgage, and Glenn Andreonni Law Officeinvites all their best clients out to the movies. Just come and receive a free ticket for a choice of family or "intended for adult" movie of your choice. Grab free food,try for our raffle & hang out with us in the foyer before or after your movie! Its a free day out on us as a thank you for all your business and referrals! This event is sponsored by Anastasia Kaufman of REMAX, Ann Sabbagh of Seacoast Mortgage, andGlenn Andreonni Law Office.


Past and current clients and those who have supported us through referrals. Also anyone they know who might be thinking of buying or selling a home are invited to come as well.

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