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The Carpenter's House E6:11 Ministry - Put on the full Armor of God
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Nov 09 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Statistics show that armed confrontations and active shooting incidents are occurring at places of worship in greater frequency. In response to these increasing risks, we must take steps to provide greater safety and answer the question, What would YOU do?

The key to violent critical incident resolution is adequate planning and preparation. You cant wait until crisis strikes to develop your contingency plans, instead, we must train on how to respond. Although it is impossible to plan for every variable that may arise within a rapidly evolving violent incident, having a core plan in place can mean the difference between life and death.

So join us as we discuss preparedness and response to a violent critical incident. Remember, greatest contributor to chaos is a lack of preparation.


Church Security Overview What church security should and should not be

Rings of Protection How to incorporate your parking, ushers and greeters into your security plan

TRAININGS -Violent Critical Incident

What to Do in an Active Shooter Incident (Run Hide Fight)

Recognizing a Dangerous or Suspicious Person at Church

Ray Najarea, FBI Special Agent
Violent Critical Incident Coordinator
Chicago Field Office

Eddie Hoyos, Training Supervisor
Safety & Security Operations
Chicago Cubs National League Ball Club

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