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=Ural/Royal Enfield Rally= a Day Ride to: Holopaw, Florida via Rte.441

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Dec 02 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Total Route above:

A Gas Stop To & Fro ( above ) @ Yee Haw Junction about The 1/2 way mark.

Get a feel of What you are going To Experience from A Back-in-The-Day Event -

Click on The Above Site:

Holopaw Ural / Royal Enfield Does....They repair motor-cycles, any motor cycle, all motor-cycles BUT especially The Ural and some Royal Enfield Rides. They sell New & Used Ones also!!!!! They are located at: 5100 Holopaw Road, St. Cloud, FL 34773 ........

Every year they have a Rallye, including,food, soft drinks & events, ( BYOFood if you camp out )and camping in your own tents, yes, overnight. Checking out your possible future Ride in The Showroom.

It's a Customer Appreciation Event they Host for Like Mindsfor Present and Future Customers.

There are lots of wooded area and we are tucked out back only with an out house.
It is great event of mostly Ural ( & some Royal Enfield people) and great people and conversation. Overnight Campingis Free !!!!
The showroom is a step back in time to possibly the 50's......or early 60's. I don't mean decor and glitz, I mean bare bones and open, very sparse.

We plan on leaving at KSU - 9:30 am - KSU TIME from Jensen Beach Lunch & Drink, etc. is FREE in Holopaw!!!!!

It will be at least an 6 hour day...approx. 2Hours up & 2 Hours Return as an average. We can return as a groupe or any way one sees fit. BuLLet is heading back around 2pm/ in Garage wiped down by 5pm, Gets Dark Early in December.

Plan on returning that day and will be back BEFORE DARK.
Route 441 is awesome and lots of small small towns.

Please RSVP as Soon AS Possible, so I may give Gene in Holopaw a HeaD Count.

Thanks ....

P.S. I'll be Riding The Legend to this Event.

Ride ON!!!!!


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