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Upper Rustic Canyon to Garapito Loop with a pit stop at Eagle Rock

2018 (Not Just) Mt Whitney Hikers in Training
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Feb 10 8:45AM - 4:00PM

What we'll do
Hike #35 - New year, new hikes in some lesser charted areas of LA compared to the previous 32 hikes! Third official group hike of the year WILL BE CHALLENGING. I've been exploring the trails south of Tarzana up by Mulholland lately. If you were bored with hikes 33 and 34, this one should get your blood pumping. For this hike, we will start at the trailhead where Reseda Blvd. dead ends about three miles south of Ventura Blvd. This hike will be about 10 miles with maybe 3,000 feet of elevation gain spread throughout with a steeper stretch around miles 4, which wouldn't be so bad but you'll already be pretty tired at that point. I did this hike back in December as shown in the photo via GPS tracking from my watch (after two other exploratory hikes just to find the trail), and it's probably one of the most challenging hikes I've done in LA on a no longer maintained trail. It's not as steep as Baldy or San G, but the bushwhacking is relentless from miles 1 - 4. If you don't believe me, maybe 2.5 hrs to cover only 3 miles gives you a better idea. Figure 5.5-6 hours total depending on how long a break we take for lunch at Eagle Rock.

There is free parking on Reseda Blvd near the trailhead, as long as you park in the first area and not closest to the trailhead. PLEASE READ THE SIGNS AND STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS UP THERE. THERE'S A CAMERA FOR TICKETING IF YOU ROLL THRU. We will hit the trail at 9am. DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER, BE SURE TO BRING 3-4 LITTERS OF WATER PLUS SNACKS AND LUNCH. If anyone has any questions, please shoot me a message or post a comment.

What to bring
For this hike, there is some bushwhacking for about three miles. I highly recommend long pants and long sleeves, and protective eyewear is mandatory. IF YOU DO NOT BRING PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR/SUNGLASSES, I WON'T ALLOW YOU ON THE HIKE.

$3 is all I'm asking for. Most people don't know this, but charges $89 every six months to list your meetup group. This is your way of helping me pay for this!

Important to know
Plan on lunch afterwards at Public School in Sherman Oaks.

And instead of having everyone sign a release of liability every hike, please read as follows:

The organizer (me) of this trip is a volunteer and is not a professional guide. The function of the organizer is only to organize this trip. Each person who signs up for a trip/hike/or outing is responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of his or her guests.

By signing up for this trip, or any other event organized by me, you are acknowledging that you are aware and have made your guests aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any outdoor activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the organizer (me) of this hike from and against any and all liability arising from your and your guest's participation in the group activities.

This meetup group and its organizer (me) is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur carpooling to and from this event, or for any injuries or accidents incurred before, during, and after this event. If you sign up or participate in an event you acknowledge that you freely and voluntarily agree to assume all risks of injuries and damages arising from, as a result of and associated with this event.

In addition, you and your guests are acknowledging that you agree to the Meetup terms of service especially paragraph 6.2:

How to find us:We will meet at the trailhead just past the roundabout where Reseda Blvd dead ends.

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