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UNstuck - Calgary Support and Self-Improvement Group Events
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:45AM

Do you need a boost of self-esteem and support? Are you interested in becoming a better person; striving for more in life, but lack the willpower or tools to start? Are you interested in topics like positive thinking, self-improvement and life transformation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we look forward to seeing you at Shake's second official UNstuck meet-up and workshop! We want to start 2018 with a new approach to supportive and social events. This is a group for individuals who come together and discuss life solutions and motivate one another by sharing simple stories and general discussions, as well as highlight some of our successes - no matter how big or small.

We have life stories to share, moving quotes to reflect upon, book recommendations, simple activities and mini-games (with prizes) to participate in to get you on the right track. Get to know positive life-seekers in your area, and make positive connections. You are sure to leave this meet-up feeling motivated and ready to take on the challenges in your life!

The topic of our second meet is: Positive Self-Talk, Journaling, Thought Maps, and how to (naturally) Boost our Self-Esteem. The facilitator will discuss real life strategies and CBT techniques used to make significant positive changes in their life - specifically in weight management, body image, finding sobriety, and overcoming anxiety, moodiness and depression. This may or may not relate directly to you, but it comes from a real place with real strategies that might just be relevant to certain areas in your life. There will also be time to share a little bit yourself, your journey and your goals - if you want to.

You can RSVP through this Meet-Up group, but to secure your spot please REGISTER at:

Youll want to attend this workshop meet-up if:

- You're tired of the negative thoughts that lead to what you might consider poor decisions

- You want to learn new tools and life skills that can help you feel more determined and focused

- You have a desire to make positive changes, but can't quite make them stick

- You lack confidence, have low self-esteem and maybe even negative self or body image

- You struggle with priorities and find it difficult to figure out what really matters in life

- You feel or have been told that you carry a negative attitude and its starting to show

- Youve lost that drive - that creative spark or that willful energy you once had

- You could use a supportive and social group of people to keep you engaged about life

When: Saturday, February 10th, 10:00am - 11:45am

Where: Pips Board Game Cafe -[masked] Ave SW, T2T-1Z5

Cost: $9.95 (Limited Time Online Special!) $14.95 General Admission

Limited seating! REGISTER today at:

What to bring
1. We encourage you to 'show or tell' us about a song, poem, and/or quote that has motivated you or has been a source of inspiration at one time or another. 2. We encourage you to tell us a little about yourself, so please write down a few of your personal goals (not financial or job related). If you have attended our first meet-up, we encourage you to share what 'Motivation Killers' you are working to eliminate, or which of the '16 Desires' you have been focusing on.

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UNstuck Meet-Up & Workshop: Conquering Fears and Overcoming Anxieties

UNstuck Meet-Up & Workshop: Conquering Fears and Overcoming Anxieties

Mar 03 10:00AM - 11:45AM
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