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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 30 7:00AM - 8:00AM

MathematicianJose AngelManaiza, Jr.has been known asThe Tutor toThe Starsfrom Malibu to Beverly Hills for coaching children of Hollywood celebrities to achievesuccess.Mr.Manaizahas helped over 1,200studentsincludingNCAAstudent-athletes fromschools such as UCLA, to excel intellectually through coachinga speed-readingsystem also endorsed by three American presidents.He has been honored inThe White House.In 2018, he was knighted bythe order ofOSJ in NYC.

WEEK 1-The Secret to Successthrough Coaching

WEEK2-A Vision For The Future

WEEK3-The Power Of Intention

WEEK4-Achieving Doable Intentions (Level 1)

WEEK 5-Achieving Intentions With Your Best Effort (Level 2)

WEEK6-Achieving Miracles Within 40 Days (Level 3)

Yourwillreceive aCertificate ofParticipationfor completing the 6-weekcoaching courseand those who go above and beyond by completing all assignments and being always on time, will also receive aCERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCEcoupled withadmission to a special training to pass The California Real Estate State Exam. Phone coaching & 1-on-1 person trainings available upon request. RSVP at (424) 228-0088/ (424) 279-2150.

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