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Universal Vue with Nuxt (Justin Schroeder from Braid)

Central Virginia Javascript Enthusiasts (CVJS)
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Nov 15 6:45PM - 7:45PM

Want to write your next application using Vue, but youre concerned about the pitfalls typical of single-page applications? SEO, Open Graph, and no-JS support are common barriers to adoptionuntil now. In this talk, well learn how to use Nuxt, a universal Vue framework that just works.


As JavaScript continues to eat the world, reactive front-end tools, like Vue and React, have bitten off their fair share of the client side while Node continues its conquest on servers. Recently, isomorphic (or universal) JavaScript has burst onto the scene and with good reason. Now we can finally close the gap between these endpoints: to write, package and deliver the entire web stack using a single language.

Frameworks have emerged to take the union of the two domains even further. Nuxt (Vue) and Next (React) leverage what were once only front-end frameworks to provide a virtually seamless write-once, render-anywhere experience that blurs the lines of front end and back end.

In this session, well delve into Nuxt, the preferred way to server-side render Vue applications. Even if youve never used Vue, youll leave with the confidence to begin writing your own universal JavaScript applications.

Notes: This talk is geared towards moderately advanced JavaScript users who are comfortable with ES2015, but agnostic about experience with reactive frameworks like Vue or React, mostly focusing how to start using this technology tomorrow regardless of experience level. (edited)

As a side note, Braid is thrilled that Justin was selected to speak on JavaScript at the 2018 South by Southwest (SXSW) -

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