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Under the Influence Traffic Stop Refresher

The Stay Safe Foundation
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Endorsed by Curators:
May 20 7:00AM - 4:00PM

The American Christian School and the Stay Safe Foundation have teamed up to raise money for charity and to support the training of our community police officers.

Join us for a refresher on field sobriety test and a full day of "under the influence" traffic stop scenarios with adult and teenage role players.

-Roadside Investigations
-DWI/DUI indicators
-Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
-Drug/Narcotic Indicators
-Vehicle Searches
-Arrest Procedures
-Control Tactics

We have set up 4 ticket options. Attendees who do not have it in their budget to make a donation may select a free ticket. Those who can't afford our standard donation request but wish to make a donation, have the option to make a donation of their choosing. Our standard donation request is $50 and our "Blue Line Chief" amount is $100. We have choosen a selfless and honorable profession - we trust attendees will make the donation they can afford.

The Stay Safe Foundation:
It is our sincere and deeply held belief that training does not end at the academy and no matter how much time one has "under his belt", the potential to learn and improve still exists. The value of role player and scenario based training cannot be understated.

Our goals are to provide officers with realistic and stressful scenario based training to result in a higher efficiency on the road and lower incidents of injury to both the officer and civilian contacts. The final goal - "Get Home Safe".

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