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Troop 11: Boy Scout Skill Development Campout

Fulton Davenport
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Troop 11 Boy Scout Skills Development Campout

Goals of this Campout

  • Have all our new scouts complete the Scout Rank requirements
  • Introduce our New Scout to trip planning and THE SHED, our magnificent gear and trailer storage facility.
  • Teach our New Scouts how Troop 11 camps. We will use Troop 11 gear for cooking, cleaning, shelter, and many other necessary tasks.
  • Complete Totin' Chip and Firemn' Chit requirements
  • Older Scouts will also be able to work on rank advancement and get valuable experience as instructors and leaders.


Wednesday, February 7th at7:00 PM:

Grubmaster grocery shopping at H.E.B.
(5225 Buffalo Speedway A, Houston, TX 77005)

Saturday, February 10th

8:00 AM: Meet at the Scout SHED4350 Town Plaza Dr Houston, TX77045 (see directions at the bottom of this page)

9:00 AM: Depart from the Scout Shed

10:30 AM: Arrive at CampTellepsen - Campsite 7

12:00 PM: Lunch

5:00 PM: Dinner

8:00 PM: Campfire

10:00 PM: Bed

Sunday, February 11th

Break camp

Drive home

Arrive at shed around noon.An email will be sent Sunday morning to parents on the exact arrival time.

Focus will be for the new Scouts to earn the Scout Rank, their first step on the Scout Trail. This campout is a quick start on proper campsite setup and more importantly an opportunity for the New Scouts to learn how to camp and work together as a Boy Scout Patrol. This combination of learning Scouting skills and teamwork in camping is the goal of this campout.

The New Scout Campout will cover all of the skills necessary to setup a proper campsite, patrol box, patrol kitchen and cleanup. We will review the Patrol Method and the importance of a Duty Roster. We will concentrate on cleanliness and the BSA 3 Pot Method for clean up. We will demonstrate and guide the new scouts on creating healthy menus and cooking methods that they can use for all future campouts.

How-Bring the gear on the list below and please be ready for rain. Here is the link on the Troop 11 Website.

Scouts should read the Camping section of theBoy Scout Handbook.


ALLparticipants should use this Eventbrite invitation to register and pay (if applicable.)

Adult Training Required to Participate

The Troop and the BSA require all participating adults to have completed several training courses prior to attending troop activities. We encourage adults, both men and women,to be actively involved with the troop's activities andto spend a few minutes going through threeonline training courses.

  • Youth Protection Trainingfor Boy Scouts
  • Fast Start Orientation Trainingfor Boy Scouts
  • This is Scoutingfor Boy Scouts

If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster, additional in-person training is required. Speak to any adult leader to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions-
What do the Scout do about scheduling Conflicts?
Occasionally there are conflicts between other youth programs and activities and Scout events. Please come when you can make it. The program is broken into seven independent sessions, four of which are before lunch and three following. Lunch itself will have a skills demonstration, so try not to miss it.
We will have a number of older Scout Instructors who want to make sure every Scout gets everything he can from this weekend, so they will try to cover whatever is missed. In a new Scout patrol, older Scouts serving as Troop Guides and their Patrol Assistant Scoutmasters will always be available to work with each Scout to learn the skills they need. It is important to remember that the skills and advancement are an important part of this weekend, but the teamwork and ceremonies are also very important. Most important is that Scouts are safe and have fun.

What about adverse weather, will the Troop cancel the campout?
Troop 11 camps in the rain, the cold and the heat. Learning to function in adverse weather is an important part of the Scout outdoor learning experience. Your Scouts will hear from our older Scouts of their experiences hiking and camping in heat, snow, flash floods and hail. The safety of every Scout is our first concern, and we observe the Boy Scout Guide to Safe Scouting in all of our activities. We are fortunate to have a number of experienced, trained adult leaders whose first concern is each Scouts safety.

What should the new Scout bring to the Campout?
A copy of the short checklist for this weekend is included in this email.
The Troop provides tents. Until a Scout reaches the rank of First Class he is required to "Buddy Up" with a tent mate and camp in one of the provided Troop 11 tents. By reducing the number of tents it teaches the important lesson of reducing the impact of our camping Please be sure the sleeping bag is in a waterproof sack or trash bag, as well as sealing clothes in zip lock bags. An extra zip lock bag for the Scout handbook is also a good idea.

- All prescription medicine should be in original bottle/container with dosage instructions, your written instructions together with your family and your doctors emergency contact information. All of this should be in a gallon zip-lock
bag with your Scouts name on it. Asthma inhalers/epi pins should stay with the Scout, but please let us know that they need them and that they have these items with them.

-Please let us know of any food allergies. We will check all of the medical forms, but please help us by sending an email to Sean O'Connor, our Scoutmaster,

Directions to the Troop 11 Scout Shed

4400 Town Plaza Drive, Houston, TX 77045

(Important note: There are NO restroom facilities at the shed)

1.From 610, go south on South Main to the Hiram Clarke Road exit.
2.Go south on Hiram Clarke Road
3.Turn left onto Town Plaza Drive.
4.Turn left into the second driveway (into the warehouse complex)
5.We're the second-from-the-last rollup door on the left side of the middle lane in the complex.

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