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Trap Bootcamp

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Feb 10 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Trap Bootcamp is where Fitness meet the Music Festival! This is the ultimate team based group ex experience of H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) training to the soundtrack of the perfect trap song, culminating with a live show! Trap Bootcamp bring the elements of competition to the fitness arena in a whole new way. Themed workouts will challenge each partipant to team up and survive in the Trap, ending in a victorious experience of a live and equally hype performance by a feature DJ or Music Artist. We will feature all types of music, so that our audience stays fresh. The element of the Trap, comes from the fact that you cant leave until you complete the workout, the people on the team are your, Trapmates. You must survive till the end!

TB, is a 3 hour mobile event that will include 1 hr of registration, signing of documents, and class preparation. The workout will be soundtracked by the grimmey beats and bass music, with 10 min warmup, 40 min workout and 10 min cool down. Upon completion of the cooldown, all participants are encouraged to celebrate their victory with the culminating performance by a DJ or Artist. Participants will experience programming from top fitness instructors, as well as assistance with form and encouragment. Those who are freshly embarking on personal fitness journeys, as well as the fitness fanatics, searching for the next boutique fitness class are welcome. Trap Bootcamp will be the backdrop for a new fitlife; where people will be personally empowered, experience human connection, and community!

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