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Transcend Your Limits: Learn to Believe!

Transforming Lives: NLP & Coaching Montreal
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Feb 22 6:45PM - 9:00PM

Limiting fears and beliefs aren't always easy to overcome.

Fortunately, this is a challenge we can help you breakthrough.

Experience NLP in action with Darren Miller and learn to take charge of your brain!

Things can change in a moment once you know how to:

Become aware of limiting beliefs that keep people stuck in the past
Take back control of what how you're thinking, feeling and behaving, and
Transform demons into powerful allies for a brighter future

And thats what this special coaching workshop is all about: changing minds so people are feeling happier and inspired to enjoy a more fulfilling life starting now!

ONLY RSVP when youre ready to leave the old BS in the past, because you've lived with those limitations long enough now, haven't you? BS = Belief Systems (and other things ;)).

PS BONUS: Get a free entry in a drawing for a FREE COACHING SESSION when you attend!

PPS This is a Pay it Forward event. Donate $10, $20... whatever you can afford, because we use the donations to give private coaching sessions to people who couldnt afford it otherwise. And if you can't afford to give anything right now, come anyway! This could be just what you need.

Darren Miller is a Life Changing Coach, Master Hypnotist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP

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How to find us:Free parking in the lot and the rear of the building. Please note: no wheelchair access.

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Get NLP + SMARTER Goals + FREE Coaching!

Get NLP + SMARTER Goals + FREE Coaching!

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