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Traditional Thai With a Twist, OPEN class (2020-02-18 starts at 11:00 AM)

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Feb 18 10:00AM - 1:15PM

This class is open for anyone to join -- come meet others who love THAI, and love to cook.

I will guide you through coordinating a colorful array of fresh ingredients and synchronizing the umami flavors that bring Thai food to life.

The class starts with making Miang Kham, a classic Thai appetizer with stuffed spinach leaves, and then a succulent Tom Kha soup. The main course, Pad Thai, is lightened up with spiralized zucchini and carrot noodles. A velvety smooth Mango Sticky Rice completes the meal.

This menu is gluten and dairy free.

Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer.

This is a perfect menu for a herb-spiced fruity citrusy Sangria. I suggest that you bring a dry white wine such as: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, champagne. Be sure it has low oak and low tannins. The first teaching moment will be making the Thai Sangria, adjusting the flavors. I will have all the items needed to make my yummy sweet spiced version (with basil, mint, mango, ginger and lemongrass).

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