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Tolmie Peak Lookout - Eunice Lake, Mt Rainier, 8 miles, 1200' gain

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Jul 15 6:30AM - 4:30PM


WTA Description

Total Length: 8 miles

Elevation change: 1200'

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Pace: Social, group stays together


From Puyallup, drive east for 13 miles on Highway 410 to the small town of Buckley. Turn right onto Highway 165 and continue through Carbonado. You're looking for Mowich Lake Road, which is beyond the Carbon River Gorge bridge, right outside of town. Turn right onto Mowich Lake Road and follow it about 17 miles to its end. Note that this road is dirt, and can be rough. Consider bringing a high-clearance vehicle. The trailhead is on the left side of the road, near Mowich Lake.

Tentative Itinerary

06:30am - Tukwila P&R

08:30am - Start hiking

11:00am - Allocate an hour for Lunch

02:30pm - Back to Trailhead

04:30pm - TukwilaP&R


1. Youand you alone are completely responsible for your safety.

2. National Parks Pass is required (one per car).

3. NO dogs on this hike please.

4. Wear sturdy boots, and bring layers of clothing, poles (optional), plenty of water, snack, packed lunch, and anything else of 10 essentials.

5. Please bring $15(includes entrance fee) for your driver and a bag for your muddy boots if you plan on being a rider.

6. Update your RSVP in advance if your plans change. Two no-shows and/or late cancellation and you won't be able to participate in my future events.

7. Finally, please answer the question about carpool and add yourself to the waiting list. I will move you to the main list once we have enough drivers. We will abide by the National Parks trail limit of12 people per group. Thank you.

How to find us:East of Diesel Station

Upcoming Events

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