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The Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profits - Mastermind Group

Kimberle Seale, Vincerem LLC
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Mar 18 8:00PM - 10:00PM

When you learn the secret behind great success, your life and business will be nothing short of successful. Your life will become abundantly rich. Everything will change.

Across generations it's made multi-millionaires out of ordinary, everyday business owners, it's made millionaires of ordinary, everyday employees, it's defined political careers and it's changed the course of history.

The Mastermind Group is for the kind of business owner that understands how VITAL it is to invest time OUT of the business in order to transform its' results.

What I am offering you is an opportunity to join my Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit Mastermind Group.

In this Mastermind group we will be studying the steps to creating success that has been taught for over 80 years. You will learn exactly HOW you can immediately begin applying the most powerful principles that has created multi-millionaires out of ordinary, everyday business owners and thought leaders like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, John Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.

If youre to increase your personal wealth and extract the amount of income from your business with less hassle and stress, then keep reading.

If your business isnt generating the kind of profit that brings greater financial certainty and freedom to your life, its giving you a very clear message.

In this Mastermind group you will learn and apply to your life:

  • The 6 steps to convert your DESIRE into a reality

  • How to create the level of PERSISTENCE you need to achieve your dream

  • How to create unwavering FAITH and self-confidence in achieving your dream and outwit the 6 ghosts of fear

  • The power that AUTO-SUGGESTION has on the law of attraction

  • How to make GOOD decisions you make

  • Developing your IMAGINATION to bring about new ideas for your business

  • AND, more

This study has truly transformed lives and defined careers, of all those whove grasped it. But this Mastermind group is not for everyone. This is for a certain kind of business owner.

The kind that understands that extraordinary entrepreneurial success will never come from working IN the businessand itll never come from working ON the business. It will only come to those willing to work on the OWNER of the business.

If you are ready and you're genuinely serious about seeing anastonishing transformation in your business and personal results in the next 1-8 months,then what I'm about to share with you will be music to your ears.

Whether you're smart enough to seize this rare opportunity for the brief time it's open to you depends entirely on you and your beliefs.

If you take a look into the lives of the most successful people from any walk of life in any generation, with the objective of discovering how they become so successful, you'll notice what made them as successful as they are, youll notice a common trait...None of them did it alone.

Long before their success, they learned to collaborate rather than compete with like-minded peers.

They became part of something much bigger than themselves. They multiplied the quality of thinking being applied to their personal and professional lives by multiplying the minds focused on their success.

They became part of a MASTERMIND.

Every highly successful business owner I've ever known is in a Mastermind - a small, intimate group of entrepreneurs who act as thinking partners in each others success - collectively forming a powerful and transformative alliance that propels each member to a level of success most business owners will NEVER know.

This is not a new concept. Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, spent 2 decades researching the most successful people of his generation on the sponsorship of Andrew Carnegie (who was a billionaire at the start of 1900s and employed 60 millionaires in his company).

Hill found without exception that the ultra-successful elite, the Carnegies, Fords and Rockefellers et al., purposefully surrounded themselves with growth-orientated people who stretched, challenged and supported them within the unique power of a Mastermind process.

They were all members of a "board of thinking partners" people with a diverse array of knowledge, experience and wisdom who, by coming together on a regular basis, leveraged the power of the collective minds to dramatically accelerate the success of all concerned.

This is why, in 2017, I took the original Mastermind principles outlined by Carnegie and Hill, added some vitally important components to make it the most powerful, transformational experience for entrepreneurs - and created my own Mastermind - the first and original Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit.

I did this because I understood the growth of my business, and all that comes from it, including my personal wealth and the quality of life I give to my family, will be severely restricted if all I bring to it is my thinking alone.

Thats why businesses have boards to leverage the power of the collective wisdom, experience and knowledge of all concerned. As I said previously, NO ONE DOES IT ALONE, and thats ALWAYS been the case

but its never been as critical than it is NOW.

Any business owner trying to make it alone (and there are many of them) is doomed. Struggle, mediocrity, and eventual failure are, sadly, inevitable - and the statistics prove it.

No amount of BNI, Chamber of Commerce, or typical Meetups will change that.

The reality of the fragile economic environment were operating in today is there has NEVER been a more important time to take control to ensure your business, and the quality of life it brings you, is immune to the economic implications of Geopolitical changes, incompetent politicians, Government standoffs, shutdowns and political divorces that create uncertainty and stifle growth.

Wealth and prosperity IS a choiceand you are free to choose as you please but you are NOT free to escape the consequences of your choices.

That's What Makes The Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit Mastermind Group the Most Important, Career-Defining Move You'll Make In Your Life.

You don't need to already be an entrepreneurial success today, but you DO need to own a business that's generating enough cashflow to take care of your basic needs as well as make the necessary investment to accelerate your growth in Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit Mastermind Group.

Here's the incredible Success Resources you'll be getting as a member of the Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit Mastermind Group.

  1. Weekly Study of Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich Steps to Success: During this study, members of the group will share where they have applied or been held back by the steps. Will make agreement on what they will do to improve the step within their own business and will share those successes. Workbooks and an online book will be provided. All sessions will be recorded you can return and re-listen to the learning.

  2. One-to-one Coaching: During our weekly sessions, participants will be able to discuss their specific challenges in their business and discuss ways to overcome these challenges. Coaching, in its own right, is the most transformational process known to mankind, and when integrated within the Mastermind process, the impact is truly astonishing. Businesses see a 500 to 700% return when they employ a coach.

  3. Profit Forum: A 24/7 Exclusive Group Forum: Your mastermind colleagues will be become your closest, inner circle of successful, growth-orientated entrepreneurs. You'll be able to plug in to the wisdom and support of your thriving community of growth-minded entrepreneurs in its dedicated discussion forum. You'll be supporting each other by exchanging profitable ideas, solutions, and advice regarding opportunities and challenges on a continual basis - and the Profit Forum will be the central communication tool between you and your colleagues. It's exclusive to your group only.

I can assure you, if you're willing to put your back into what's revealed in this Mastermind to work, with the support, guidance, expertise, mentoring and world class coaching you'll receive in The Science Behind Driving Higher Business Profit Mastermind Group, everything you dream of the health, wealth, prosperity and freedom of the top 0.1% - is much nearer than you ever thought possible.

We are opening up a new virtual Mastermind group beginning March 2019 and running for 10 Weeks, there are only 10 seats available. You can participate from the comfort of anywhere in the world. Sign up here to get started.

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