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The LND Strongest Athlete Competition

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Sep 16 7:00AM - 9:00PM

What is LND? LND stands for "Leave No Doubt". What does it mean to LND? It means that somewhere, someone is out there training. They are training to BEAT YOU. They are training because they want to WIN. You must RESPECT this. Your only option is to LEAVE NO DOUBT that you are training HARDER and SMARTER. LEAVE NO DOUBT, that when you meet them face to face you could look them in the eye and say " I'm going to DOMINATE you today." And know with all of your confidence that is the truth.

DO YOU LEAVE NO DOUBT in your strength training? If your answer is yes, it's time to prove it.

This competition is a "strongman hybrid" style structure. Men and women will be seperated by weight classes then complete a series of 6 strength tests throughout one day of competition.


Women- Lighweight <130, Middleweight 131-160, Light Heavyweight 161-190, Heavyweight 191+

Men- Lighweight <160, Middleweight 161-190, Light Heavyweight 191-230, Heavyweight 231+

EVENT 1 (time)

60 Yard seated sled pull

Women- LW/MW 135# LHW/HW 180# (added to 20# sled)

Men-LW/MW 180# LHW/HW 225#(added to 20# sled)

EVENT 2 (reps)

MAX reps Bench Press (full lockout will be inforced)

Women- LW/MW 85# LHW/HW 115#

Men-LW/MW 155# LHW/HW #205

EVENT 3 (pounds)

3 rep max Deadlift (1 attempt)

EVENT 4 (yards)

Max distance prowler push in 1 minute

Women- LW/MW 290# LHW/HW 380#

Men-LW/MW 470# LHW/HW 560#

EVENT 5 (watts)

Max wattage row (2 attempts)

EVENT 6 (time)

Yoke/Stone/farmers melody

carry yoke 60 yards

6 stone to shoulder

farmers carry 60 yards

Yoke weights

Women- LW/MW 215# LHW/HW 275#

Men-LW/MW 315# LHW/HW 400#

Stone weights

Women- LW/MW 65# LHW/HW 130#

Men-LW/MW 130# LHW/HW 200#

Farmers weights

Women- LW/MW 106# LHW/HW 140#

Men-LW/MW 140# LHW/HW 190#

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