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KATHY ECKHARDT, The Dream BIG Success Coach
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Feb 10 9:30AM - 12:30PM

You're a high performer. You set big goals and aren't afraid to take risks. You're looked up to and admired as someone who's got it all together. Your friends see you as the most confident person they know.

But sometimes you feel like a fraud because as much as you have achieved, you know you could have accomplished so much more if you hadn't allowed the gremlin of self-doubt to get in the way. Too many times you got close, you almost caught the brass ring, but instead of playing to win, you played it safe.

Okay! You can stop beating yourself up now. You are normal.Really. Even the most confident, successful and influential women among us sometimes have gaps in our confidence. The truth is, no one is immune to self-doubt in some area of our work or our life.

I understand how the occasional or even frequent fear of not being enough can make reaching our dreams harder than it has to be. But we don't have to give those fears the power to keep us from taking the actions needed to achieve our goals and highest aspirations. We have important work to do in the world. We are done with playing small. Its time to close those gaps!

As a top sales director with a billion dollar international company and as a personal and business success coach, I have spent most of my life mentoring hundreds of women to become the greatest, grandest version of themselves and showing them how to make their dreams come true. I want to do that for you.

This class will give you:

  • The strong foundation you need to LIVE a life of genuine, authentic and lasting confidence.

  • Practical strategies, techniques and methods to overcome thefear and self-doubt that may have held you back.

  • The Confidence to own your voice as you step into your full power once and for all.

Class size will be kept extremely limited to allow for maximum personal attention.

A workbook will be provided.

BONUS: A 30 MINUTE COACHING CALL WITH KATHY (to be held within 2 weeks following the class.)

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