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The Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Group

The Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Group
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:30AM

Welcome to our Buddhist Meditation Group in English. We meet weekly on Saturday mornings at the An Lac Temple in Indianapolis. The address is 5249 E. 30th Indianapolis, IN 46218. The An Lac Sangha has been around many years but their temple building is very new and just seeing it is an event in itself.

Here is a link to a map and driving directions to the Temple: ?...;...

There is a spacious parking lot situated behind the temple. As you turn onto Hawthorne, follow it to the first right that you can take, which is 28th St. Follow 28th St. down until it becomes a T-intersection and turn right onto Butler. Follow Bulter all the way down until it dead ends and the parking lot will be on your left

For attending the meditation session, there are a few points that must be made. We do not enter the temple through the front door. We enter through the backdoor, this is also where the shoe racks are located. Unless medically necessary, we do remove our shoes before entering the assembly hall. Wear loose fitting clothing. Shoulders and legs are to be covered. Exercise clothing or yoga clothing is NOT permitted. Short skirts and dresses are also prohibited in the Buddha Hall If you show up in them, you will be asked to either change or to attend a session at another time. This is to show courtesy and respect for the community that allows our group to use the assembly hall.

The meditation is led by Quang Phap, otherwise known as Viet. Viet has been practicing with the An Lac Community for five years in mindfulness meditation.

Lunch was a part of the group practice, but due to a lack of regular attendance, it is no longer a part of the group practice.

Course Finances

These courses are free of charge. The facilities are provided by the Vietnamese community and without their support we would be unable to hold these teachings. Therefore, donations are not required but are gratefully accepted.

Sitting cushions are provided.

Our practice consists of sitting meditation and walking meditation. The sitting meditation is usually fifteen minutes, followed by a walking mediation around the Buddha hall, and another fifteen minute sitting meditation. After meditation, I open the floor to discussion and questions people may have about Buddhism, the Temple itself, the practice of meditation, etc.

NOTE: Although there is no cost for these meetings and donations are not required or expected, they are greatly appreciated if you choose to make them. Donation boxes are in the front and rear of the Buddha Hall.

Any questions? Just use the "email me" link under my picture on the left and I'll answer as soon as possible. Viet

How to find us:There is a link to the directions to An Lac Temple at the "Chua An Lac Temple" link above.

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