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The Glorious Return to the MUD CAVES & CAMPING!!!!! Family Friendly Edition!

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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 30 7:00AM - 12:00PM

We are heading back to the Anza Borrego Desert and the Tapiado Mud caves! This is more of a wandering than a hike and Richard, Rosa and Cynthia from RCC Hikers are going to be leading the way!

This is a place and sight that most people in the world will never get to experience and you will be talking about it for quite a while! In fact, almost all the people from the original trip are coming back again except for one who moved out of the area!
We will explore about 4-5 five caves and have lunch in the large dining hall cave. If it is warm out, just shimmy into the air conditioning chamber on the way back to the lunch hall. (the air in there is about 15-20 degrees cooler than the outside air!)
We also will travel through some very nice slot canyons leading out of one of the caves on our way to the top where you can overlook the Badlands.

After exploring the caves we will spend the night at the Agua Caliente campground. We have reserved the Caravan camp area which has a great firepit and a covered picnic/dining area with electricity and running water. There are about 6 BBQ grills and 2 horseshoe pits.
We will be doing a potluck dinner and after the dishes are done, head to the mineral hot spring pool and /or the swimming pool. We did both last time.
Once we are done there comes the most rewarding time of all, the kickback campfire!!

As of right now,[masked], there is one cabin left for rent for that night. It has raised platforms for 2 queen mattresses or sleeping bags. It has electricity, a bathroom, sink and air conditioning. To check it out, go to:

We will be meeting at Rancho Community Church at 7:30 to caravan out to the caves/campground. If there is a carpool coming from Centerpoint Church it should leave there by@ 7:00 am to arrive at RCC for the caravan.
Please message Bruce if you want to form up there.
The more trucks/Jeeps/SUV's the better for driving closer to the caves. There is some washboard action on the access road, but it is pretty easy going. If you have a truck or such please let us know that you can drive.

The weather should be mild to warm during the day, so layers of clothing is in order. Also, for the weekend, bring at least 2 gallons of water and 1 liter of electrolytes, along with your food for lunch on the trail, potluck dinner and breakfast Sunday morning.
We will be holding church service in the morning to thank The Lord for all he allows us to enjoy! Bring your Worship!!

Since this is right after the Thanksgiving Holiday and family will be around, we are opening this up to the single parents with teenage children also! The key phrase here is "teen". Their age must have the word "teen" in it.

The price per person looks to be $15.00 a per adult & $10 per child to cover the camping spot and firewood. (they will not let you bring your own in, we have to purchase it there at the site).

Each person should bring for cave exploring:
headlamp for the dark sections - $14.00 at Walmart. (& a couple of extra batteries) THIS IS A GOT TO HAVE. A hand held flashlight will make you wish you had bought one! Ha.
bandana or dust mask.
Expendable long sleeve shirt(polyester is best) and jeans.
small day pack (camelback recommended) $19.00 @ walmart.
gloves (for the dirt, not the cold)
kneepads for tall people where you have to crawl for a few feet. (nothing longer than 10 ft)
swim suit, towel and flip flops.
trekking poles for the Sunday morning short hike.
And of course your tent/sleeping bag/car camp stuff!

How to find us:We will meet at RCC in Temecula in the Park & Ride area in the east parking lot

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