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The Business of the 21st Century

Jen Towkaniuk & Carrie Driscoll
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Dec 12 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Allow us to introduce you to a new way to look at generating extra income.

  • You are a passionate person with a zest for life and know that your life is about more than punching a clock.

  • You may be tired of the hustle or just not happy with a cap on your income and earning potential.

  • You are a creative entrepreneur who has big visions and dreams and you are looking for ways to generate residual income to bring your dreams to life.

  • You have been building your brand for some time and now you are craving a community of people who get YOU!

  • You want to find a way to add some extra income into your home that does not require you to be away from your family anymore.

  • You may be tired of trading time for money and are not sure what is out there for you to add that financial breathing room into your life.

  • We get it, because we have been there.

What we know is that most people don't understand that in Network Marketing there are different opportunities.

Allow us to introduce you to a new way of earning and giving. This way does not force you into posting product shots on Facebook or hosting parties where you cart around product and sell for commissions. Ain't nobody got time for that, especially YOU!

Come have a glass of wine and allow us to share with you how we, as entrepreneurs, have aligned with a company as a part of our brands to build multiple streams of income that in turn allows us to serve the world that way we are drawn to.

A night of fun and sophistication, free from all cheesiness!

Looking forward to meeting up with you.

Jen & Carrie

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