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The Big Dipper Waterfall Hike with swimming via Poland Creek

Arizona Trail Hiking/Backpacking Club
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May 20 7:00AM - 8:00AM

Lets find the Big Dipper which is a 30ft waterfall and many pools suitable for swimming.

This is not a easy hike despite only being 4.2 miles round trip. We will first start with a 1000ft drop from 5500ft to 4500ft in the first mile(this is an out and back so we will have to climb back out this 1000ft in 1 mile at the end).

The great thing about this hike is the remote location and difficult terrain keeps these swimming holes secluded. The Big Dipper is a 30ft waterfall fed by Poland Creek with a great swimming hole at the bottom of the falls. Think Fossil Creek without the crowds more than likely we will be the only ones there.

The waterfall tumbles over sheer granite cliffs into a wide circular pool, while tufts of grass and willow trees line its edges. Again this hike is going to be strenuous after the 1000ft decline in the first 1 mile often times the trail is a little overgrown with things like cat claws and New Mexico thistle that tug at your clothes. After 1.2 miles we will head down the mostly dry creek bed that will require boulder-hopping as well as encountering a series of ponds and pools varying sizes. We will face a 50 yard long gauntlet of some tricky class 3 scrambling up the rocks. The other option is to swim or wade across the pool of water a little canyoneering. Make sure you bring water proof items to keep you valuables dry and maybe some old sneakers or aqua socks to protect your feet from unseen underwater hazards. After 2.1 miles we will arrive at The Big Dipper and enjoy an hour or two maybe more depending on the group, of swimming and site seeing before heading back the way we came

How to find us:Take exit 248 left under I-17 about .2 and there is a large parking area on your left

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