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The Art of Conscious Change Course

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Feb 10 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Revolutionary course on awareness coming to America. Over 15,000 participants have already benefited from these life changing techniques, many consider the most powerful and straightforward consciousness, leadership, and self-realization oriented teaching currently available on the planet, with lasting results having an overall satisfaction rate of 96%.

Proven results of the course:
- Eliminate stress, worry, anxiety, & disturbing emotions
- Improved focus, clarity, & sustainable performance
- Enhanced leadership, team, and relationship skills
- Discover your true self, inner-essence, & intuition
- Higher awareness, mindfulness, & emotional IQ

What is this course all about?
The Art of Conscious Change teaches unique knowledge and techniques, based on the practical use of awareness, which bring inner peace and clarity, reduce the effect that negative or exhausting emotions have on your life, and give you a better understanding of who you really are. The course provides a practical skills toolbox for applying awareness in everyday life in order to effectively mend any situation you encounter.

About course teacher Ingvar Villido
Ingvar Villido, renowned teacher of applied awareness and the founder of the School of Practical Awareness, an internationally recognized awareness center based in Estonia, has taught the application of awareness since 1992. As a result of his work, Ingvar updated the science of self-realization with roots in Kriya Yoga and Siddhanta, to a level at which the people of our time are able to easily understand it and quickly put to practical use to meet the needs of our modern lives. Over the years 15,000 people from around the world have attended his lectures, been featured in prominent European media, and frequent keynote speaker at major business and consciousness conferences.

What are the course logistics?
The Art of Conscious Change course takes place over two days (Saturday and Sunday) in San Francisco (location will be sent to participants) on February 10th & 11th from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

The course includes:
- Two-day lecture taught by awareness expert Ingvar Villido
- Practical training with easy to apply awareness techniques
- Special follow up support material and post webinar session

What people are saying:
Awareness is every persons natural ability to directly know and perceive information. Awareness is not thinking nor emotions, it is a totally different quality. - Dr. Helena Lass, Wellness Orbit

The course gave me the skills to run 6 businesses all at peak performance and with high energy levels. I like the precision of the techniques and why it works. - Ville Jehe, Entrepreneur

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