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Tarbel Trail-Yacolt Burn State Forest Adventure

Hiking Academy
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Endorsed by Curators:
May 20 5:00AM - 3:00PM

When: Saturday May 20th @ 5am. Where: Sunset Transit. Distance: 24 miles. Elevation Gain: 5000ft. Pace: 3.5

We went to The Yacolt Burn instead of Trapper Creek this past weekend with the goal of attaining the summit of Silver Star, visiting Sturgeon Rock and appreciating Hidden falls. Instead we were hit with rain, heavy snow, impassable trail and a bear encounter. My hikers were cold, wet and ready to go home after that so we headed out but still hiked almost 14 miles with 1500 feet of gain.

I don't fail on anything i set my mind to so I'm going back there and taking that mountain apart, visiting several others and taking in those falls.

This will be an adventure, a workout and a great return with a victory at the end if it all.

Also, 70 degrees and Sunny is the forecast. Early meeting time ensures we beat the fair weather hikers to Silver Star's Summit as well as the other Mountains we will visit.

Come prepared for sun, cold, wet and dry conditions.

Dress in layers, wear a light weight and water resistant jacket and hiking boots. Bring gloves, a hat with a brim and sunscreen.

Pack plenty of water, snacks and bring a lunch for yourself to enjoy at the peak.

If anyone has a foldable hiking saw (as i do and am bringing), we will have to cut our way through some downed trees (albeit not very big ones) just before Sturgeon Rock.

How to find us:Near the Snack Shack

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