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Taking Out the (Nuclear) Trash...

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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

This coming September marks the 70th anniversary of the first time electricity was generated by nuclear power (in Oak Ridge, Tennessee). Since then, the technology has advanced by a lot, but there are still concerns. Safety is an obvious one; the Fukushima reactor was supposed to be proof against anything that Mother Nature could throw at it, except it obviously wasn't. But that's an engineering challenge. There's a simpler problem that has proven even harder to fix, not because of technological difficulties, but political ones. Every nuclear plant generates waste and that waste needs to go somewhere (for a very, very, very long time). Seems like a simple problem, but it isn't. This video from John Oliver shows just how extensive it really is:
Okay, and he shows some really creepy dolls, but still...

So what can we do?

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