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Take the Sustainable Population Resolution developed last month out for a spin!

Minneapolis Overpopulation Meetup
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:30AM

Last month we used some terrific new resources (the Lund University Study and the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity) and developed a Sustainable Population Resolution to use in the upcoming MN caucuses, ( Now let's talk about how to bring the resolution to other organizations, encouraging them to understand that solving overpopulation is central to having any environmental protection successes. Before you come -

Generate and bring a list of environmental organizations you have a personal connection with - ones you participate in or ones where you know someone in leadership

If you haven't yet, read the Sustainable Population Resolution, (see link above,) and take it to your MN precinct caucus on Tues, Feb 6th!

How to find us:Meet in the conference room.

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