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Stretching with Qigong and Meditation Exercises (Falun Dafa)

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Dec 02 6:50AM - 9:15AM

Come learn about and practice Falun Dafa, a form of exercise built around meditation practices and slow strechting exercise movements. We meet every day from at the Desert Breeze Park between the skate park and the children's playground on Spring Mountain Rd.There will be somebody who will teach newcomers the complete set of exercises, you simply need to let them know that you would like to learn.Don't be shy, if you get there late, and they have already started, just walk up to the group and join in.We meet all year-round, even in rain or cold weather, however, it's best to verify by calling the contact person beforehand.There are no prerequisites and beginners are always welcome.

Falun Dafa has 4 standing exercises and 1 seating meditation (If one has issues in seating down for quite some time one may bring a folding chair).

Eliminate stress and enjoy peace of mind!

Look for the blue Falun Dafa banner. All Falun Dafa activities are always free of charge.

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