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SSWMG: Antagonists and Conflict

The Silver Spring Writers Meetup Group
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Welcome to the Silver Spring Writers Group. Every fourth Wednesday we will meet to discuss the craft, business, and tools of writing from 7 9 pm at Zeds Caf (8225 GEORGIA AVE SILVER SPRING, MD 20912 (,+MD+20912&entry=gmail&source=g

).) We will brainstorm everything from world building and dialogue to queries and markets. In addition, expect writing prompts, critiques, readings, and anything the group decides might be valuable or fun. Writers of any level of experience are welcome.

This month we're going to take on antagonists. What qualities make a good one, who are our favorites, how to make sure our antagonists are well-rounded, and why doreaders sometimes like them better than the protagonists... Of course, you can't talk about antagonists without delving into conflict. So, we'll talk about internal vs. external conflict, conflict arcs, and more!

Finally, in the last session, someone asked that we address the use and mechanics of humor. Being a Muppety kind of guy, I will throw in a couple lessons the Jim Henson gang taught me when we were writing together (but we'll probably hold onto humor for its own session later as it's a pretty big and complex area.)

The session will begin with a writing prompt. Then, we will delve into problems or successes we are having in our writing. Then, into the world of conflict and antagonists.

Hope to see you there!

Andrew and Anita

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