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Springtime on the Appalachian Trail

Phoenix Backpack Club
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Apr 14 8:00AM - 9:00PM

What we'll do
We will hike a section of the AT, north to south, between mile 51.7 of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Route 311 in Catawba, VA. The entire hike is approximately 90 miles. Our tentative itinerary is as follows.

Day 1: Travel, set up shuttles, hike 0.4 miles to camp at Punchbowl Shelter.
Day 2: Hike 13 miles to Matts Creek Shelter. We will cross the James River on the longest pedestrian bridge on the AT.
Day 3: Hike 12.5 miles, plus a side hike to the Devils Marbleyard, to camp at Thunder Hill Shelter.
Day 4: Hike 10 miles to Bryant Ridge Shelter.
Day 5: Hike 13.5 miles to Bobblets Gap Shelter.
Day 6: Hike 13.5 miles to Fullhardt Knob Shelter.
Day 7: Hike 14 miles to Lamberts Meadow Shelter/Campsite.
Day 8: Hike 11 miles to Route 311, passing McAfee Knob. Find showers, food, and beds.
Day 9: Travel

What to bring
Bring what you need to be comfortable and to be able to survive on your own.

Important to know
This is not an all or nothing hike. If you can hike the entire trip, that's great. If you can't you can easily do a multi-day hike that fits your schedule. There are many road crossings along the way and we can set up shuttles to accommodate shorter hikes and a possible food resupply.

Until I have an idea of who will do this trip and for how long I will not plan any specifics for travel, shuttles, and post hike accommodations. The last day to RSVP yes to this hike is Saturday, March 31st.

If you need suggestions for bail out points let me know. If I can't find anyone to hike the entire length I will probably shorten the hike. I just really wanted to get my picture at McAfee Knob!

This is not a beginner hike. You should be in fairly good shape. It is early in the year and there are a lot of ups and downs on the trail, but the mileage is not extreme. We will stop at all intersections, roads, and major stream crossings to regroup. I good rule of thumb is that you should be able to see the person behind you. If you can't see the person behind you, stop and wait until you can.

No guns, no smoking (I don't want to see or smell cigarette smoke, and I don't want to find your butts on the trail), alcohol in moderation, and only wood or paper in the fire. Follow Leave No Trace practices. As of now, there is only one dog allowed on this hike and he knows who he is.


How to find us:Intersection of Route 311 and Appalachian Trail

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