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Sports Hypnosis: The Athletes Secret Weapon - Charlotte NC

Chris Villani, Performance Strategist
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Nov 09 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Rise of The Super Athlete - Charlotte NC

Sports Hypnosis: The Athletes Secret Weapon

All winning happens in the mind first!

Peak performing athletes understand that the game is first won in the mind before they walk onto the field.

This powerful workshop will teach you a powerful step-by-step process method to create an unstoppable mindset as an athlete and own your field of play.

It is a dynamic and fun experience delivering the key strategies of elite athletes and mindset training.

"Until you see success in your minds eye, you can't actually achieve it"

- Michael Chandler, MMA Fighter and Champion

Workshop outcome:

Discover the Strategies and Tools of Peak Performing Athletes

  • Learn the skills tore-program your mind and supercharge your game
  • Tools and strategies to overcome fear and unleash your mental toughness
  • How to get into "The Zone" and own your field of play.
  • Powerful visualization and self talk strategies for success.
  • Hack the "flow state"and increased performance in your game.

At the end of this event you will:

  • Have a powerful formula to create a powerful unstoppable confidence.
  • Strategies to continue building mental toughness in life.
  • Experienced flow state exercisesand techniques of elite athletes
  • An understanding of mindset and how it shapes your world.
  • Engage in powerful and practical exercises for peak performance.

Who this mindset training for:

  • Athletes who want to remain competitive and perform at the top of their game.
  • Mental toughness training and conditioning for success.
  • Collegiate athletes
  • High School athletes
  • All American athletes

* Limited seats, book early

About your instructor:

Chris Villani, Performance Strategist created Rise of the Super Athlete a ground up design for mental toughness and unstoppable confidence.A program designed for peak performing athletes to own their field of play.

At Rise of the Super Athlete, every program is uniquely designed for each athlete based on their specific goals and outcomes. It is a program that ignites strategic growth, extreme focus, and mental toughness that a top performing athlete must have in their tool box to ensure future success.

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