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Sponsored by Roseville Cyclery--Hammerin' Wheels 2018 Century Ride F/E100

Roseville Cyclery Road & Mountain Bike Community
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May 12 6:45AM - 7:45AM

Its baaaaaaack!! Join us for a Hammerin' Wheels Century ride during May Is Bike Month. This is as beginner as centuries get. If you ever wanted to try a 100 mile ride but never wanted to pay for it, feel pressured by the more experienced cyclists, or drive to some far away town, this ride is for you!

Ride Summary Distance: 100 miles (and change)

Terrain: Flat for 100 miles with around 2224 ft of climbing.

Rider Level: Strong Beginners and up.

Speed: Solid 15 mph on the flat!! Please note this is a slight bump in pace from years past.

Sweep: Conditional Yes. I will sweep as long as you are meeting the minimum pace. I don't want to be a jerk with the sweep, but I want to sit and enjoy the lunch stop and post ride meal with everyone. Please review the route and know your bail out options!

Meet at the Folsom Historic Light rail Station.

We need to roll at 7am sharp! Arrive as early as needed to be ready at 7am!

Our more seasoned riders should be aware that this ride is for beginner century riders, meaning we ride as a group and the pace will be much slower that you may be comfortable riding. The pace will be in the 15 mph +/- range. So, If you are looking to blow through a century in 6 hours or less this is not the ride for you. On the flip side of that, we need to keep the pace in the 15 mph range so we are not on the trails all day long. If you RSVP, please do not be offended if I contact you to see if you can handle the ride. I will have to turn you back if I determine that you are not going to be able to complete the ride in a timely manner. This ride traditionally takes between 7-7.5 hours to complete. This is one of those rides that is about "the journey".

As a note, this is NOT a fully supported ride with SAG and food at rest stops (hence its free!). This is simply a 100+ mile self supported ride. All stops will have water and restrooms. Aside from that you will need to provide your own snacks.

There will be a lunch stop as well as a post ride dinner in Folsom (TBD). Please bring cash for dinner!!!! You will need to tack 26% on to your food bill (18% gratuity +7.75% tax) I will take a poll at lunch for how many will be attending dinner. I will make a reservation for 5pm under "Bryan" if anyone wants to skip the ride and dine with us.

The route will utilize as much bike trail as possible. When trails are not an option there will be bike lanes or roads with minimal traffic. However, there are a few sections of roads with no bike lanes with moderate traffic. You should be comfortable riding with traffic in these situations!

2018 route has been posted!

Print your cue sheets here

Here is a breakdown of the segments. Please note these are approx and only meant to be a guide.

leg 1 - 30.8 miles - 30.8 total (Discovery Park)

leg 2 - 17.6 miles - 48.4 total (Tetotom Park)

leg 3 - 18.7 miles - 67.1 total (Lunch) Beach Hut

leg 4 - 15.5 miles - 82.6 total (Roseville Cyclery)

leg 5 - 9.10 miles - 91.7 total (Granite Bay Park)

leg 6 - 8.9. miles - 100.6 total (Folsom)

I'd like to state that there are no "major" climbs and the steepest grades are in the 5-7% range, similar to taking a trip to Beals Point.

You should bring plenty of water, snacks, and money for a lunch stop. You should also carry a spare tube or 3 along with any necessary repair items. Helmets are required. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

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