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Oct 12 5:45PM - 7:15PM

Harmonizing Your BodyMind with Your Own Heart Songs

Common thoughts of worry, sorrow, and fear send vibrational messages through the body that compromise the tone of our over-all vitality. In this Sound Bridges session we'll explore melodies in your Heart that are often ignored. The insights revealed can give you the courage to enter the deeper self inquiry that frees you to Live from visions of a positive future instead of sorrowful memories of the past. Learn to uplift the "music" that you play in all you think, feel, do and say.

Join our Sound Bridges session and discover your freedom to support health and wellness with your own voice.

Donna Wolf, Energy Resonance Practitioner,

Donna Wolf is a compassionate, intuitive Sound Healer and Reiki Master. Having devoted over 30 years to understanding inner Sound & Light, Donna has a deep respect for energy fluctuations. Her greatest joy is helping youth and adults tune into and partner with the greater harmony that exists in the atoms of their being. Donna's grounded approach literally reveals "songs inside the cells" which when voiced, release physical stress caused by a variety of conflicting thought patterns. Able to FEEL peace, clients are more able to Re-Tune Self-Talk and thus express themselves from the natural rhythms of confidence, clarity, playfulness, and depth of the presence.

Anita Stewart, RN Energy Healing Intuitive,

Has been using Energy Medicine since 1981. After a critical injury, she experienced an "awakening" and was shown how to use Energy to heal physical, mental and emotional patterns that cause dis-ease and imbalance. Her 40 years of experience in Allopathic medicine, coupled with her experience and studies in Energy Medicine, offers her clients a powerful modality for self-inquiry that mends wounds of the heart, and helps renew vitality. With her keen Intuition, she is able to guide clients gently on their journey of wholeness.

Mary Nash, Harmony & Healing Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities

Mary Nash is a devoted wife, grandmother, teacher, and healer. Her life is committed to expanding awareness of God's joyous, loving presence within herself and others. Marys 15 years of experience in Energy Medicine and end-of-life palliative care have opened the doors of her Heart to witness the Infinite ways our experiences and consciousness evolve as we recognize and accept the miracle of Divine Love flowing to and through us. Clients describe sessions with Mary as a pure positive prayer through which the healing energies of Loves Light and Sound can be deeply felt in body, mind, and soul. Among the many benefits are new levels of gratitude, clarity and humor that free us to leave limitations behind.

How to find us:Yoga Barn

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