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Smoke Hole Canyon, WV: Rafting and Wilderness Camping

Charlottesville Backpackers & Campfires
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Aug 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM

This is your favorite thing you will do this summer: a 25-mile rafting trip through Smoke Hole Canyon down the South Branch of the Potomac River, with wilderness camping at the halfway point.

Dogs and children welcome, if they can wear a life jacket, swim, and do entertaining things for the adults!

Smoke Hole Canyon was described to me by a West Virginia local as the single greatest hidden gem of the state:

It is one of several places in West Virginia that transports you to a different era,through a different landscape. The canyon was home to moonshiners and isolated communities much more recently than the majority of the state, and there are even endemic species--found nowhere else on Earth--within it.

I have a personal vendetta against two things: Mayo and exaggerated elevation figures, but for the latter all I'll say is that the walls of this gorge are much steeper and taller than almost any other east coast canyon. For the former, no Mayo on our trip--it is to food what centipedes are to things underneath logs.

I'm aiming for August since I anticipate by then that the whitewater to be calmed down a bit, yet still warm. Rough guess, we shouldn't encounter rapids above class II+, but we'll characterize the route much better closer to themeetup.

I plan to work out the details of this trip within the next month, given there is only sparse information about this rafting route online--other than that it is a possibility and that you should do it.

Gauging interest and taking RSVP's for this early. No charge other than what it will cost to rent the rafting gear through a local outfitter, which is TBD, but please consider bringing gas money for drivers.

As always, if you want to bring your inflatable couch, I call an armrest seat and will bring a long paddle to get it cruising down the Potomac!

How to find us:We will be meeting in the Park & Ride lot at the south end (far end) of the bigger Walmart lot, at 8.00 a.m., near the Price dealership and hill. We will then carpool 2 hr and 45 min out to Smoke Hole Canyon, WV to gear up at the outfitter.

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